Showcase: M4 Sherman for Bolt Action

This post is a showcase of an M4 Sherman that I painted up for Bolt Action from the Armoured Fury Box Set by Warlord Games. This tank is painted in British Colours and decorated with British decals. In game, it is a cheap, but effective tank with good HE rounds (considering the size of gun it carries).

Sherman for Bolt Action or Konflikt '47
This M4 Sherman operated by British Crew looks fantastic!


Sherman for Bolt Action or Konflikt '47
I really enjoyed putting this kit together.


Sherman for Bolt Action or Konflikt '47
The decals add a lot to the final look of this model.


Sherman for Bolt Action or Konflikt '47

This was a fun and easy kit to put together. The only gaps in my model were at the front of the tank where the treads meet. I contemplated filling those cracks with “green stuff,” but at an arms length, it is not too noticeable so I left it as is. Armoured Fury comes with three of these tanks and is a good way to get into Tank Wars for anyone interested. The British decals did not come in Armoured Fury. I pulled them out of another model kit.


Thanks for checking out this showcase.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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