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Frontier Wargaming Paint Chest Review

Welcome to this Frontier Wargaming Paint Chest Review.

Have you ever wondered how to best organize your hobby desk or how to transport and store your paints if you don’t have a dedicated space? In this post, I take a look at one possible solution. This is the Paint Chest by Frontier Wargaming. This case can hold 256 dropper bottles or 144 Citadel paints in its default configuration. Of course, you can also work with Frontier Wargaming to customize this product.

In this post, I have an in-depth video review and a short written one too. At the end, I have a coupon code that could save you some money too.

Now, let’s get into the review!

The Video Version of the Frontier Wargaming Paint Chest Review

If the embedded video below does not work, use this link to watch the video.

The Video Review of Frontier Wargaming’s Paint Chest

The Written Version of the Frontier Wargaming Paint Chest Review

The video above is extremely comprehensive. That said, not everyone can watch the videos for various reasons. For the others, let me tell you about this product and my thoughts.

My Hobby Setup Before the Paint Chest

The Paint Chest by Frontier Wargaming looks really slick and is a nice paint storage system. You can take it on and off your painting surface, or just leave it there. I will be leaving mine on my paint desk. Before getting this, here is how my paint desk looked.

This set up was nice, but the storage units on the right got in my way, and I outgrew the setup I had.

The Outside of the Case

The folks at Frontier Wargaming were good enough to send me their Paint Chest to clean up my workspace. This is the second product they sent me for review. They also sent me a Paint Case 2.0 in the past. This time, I had them engrave my logo on both sides of the Paint Chest.

On the front, they engraved my logo and worked with me to find an acceptable way to make it fit on their without the clasp getting in the way.
On the backside, I was able to fit my full logo.

Getting a logo engraved on the box is a fantastic idea for commission painters who go to events and stores to advertise their services. This is basically a travelling billboard of a sort.

You can also get logos engraved on the Paint Case 2.0 that I mentioned earlier. Since I have both of them, I decided to do a size comparison. The Paint Chest is roughly twice the size of the Paint Case 2.0.

A comparison of the Paint Case 2.0 (in the front) and the Paint Chest (in the back).

Inside the Paint Chest

The Paint Chest comes with plenty of shelves in its default configuration and can be customized too. The default configuration can hold 256 dropper bottles or 144 Citadel paints, plus tools and more.

Once I loaded the Paint Chest up, this is how it looked.

Despite running out of room in my old setup, this Paint Chest has room for more than what I own. The video goes through the entire process of me emptying out my old setup. Check it out if you have time.

Overall, it is an awesome system and I really like how it is modular between the Paint Chest and Paint Case 2.0. I can use the same drawers in one unit as I can the other.

Among the items that you can get to customize the case and chest are trays with metal bottoms for magnetized miniatures. With those trays, you can transform these paint storage solutions into miniature transport cases. Very nice!

More About the Frontier Wargaming Lamp

Since I published the video, I received some information about the Frontier Wargaming Lamp that I did not know before.

  • The USB Lamp is 530 Lumen
  • Light Temperature of the Lamp is 4000 Kelvin.

That said, the company is working on an upgrade for their lights. The light holders were recently reworked to be longer than the one that I have and they plan to place updated images of their lamp in the near future.

Frontier Wargaming and a Coupon Code

Personally, I really like the Frontier Wargaming products that I received so far. They look classy and have a quality feel to them.

If you are interested in checking out their online store, here is the link. You can also use the Coupon Code MCM to save $10 (USD) off the purchase of a Paint Case or Paint Chest by Frontier Wargaming. This code is good until the end of December, 2022.

Quick Details

The code above is not an affiliate code. I receive no commission from it. Instead, it is a way for you to save a little bit of money incase you are interested in checking out this company.

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Wrapping it up…

Overall, the Paint Chest by Frontier Wargaming is really nice. It looks great, is very functional and can be stored away or left on the table. On top of that, the contents are modular with the Paint Case 2.0 and you can use the same drawers between the two cases.

If you are interested in this chest, or a paint case in general, take a look at the Frontier Wargaming website. Remember the Coupon Code MCM if you plan to buy from them. It can save you some money on a Paint Case or Paint Chest if you buy before the end of 2022.

Thank you for joining me in this review of their Paint Chest.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!