Review – HobbyZone Corner Drawer Module

Review – HobbyZone Corner Drawer Module

As you may remember, I set up my hobby area with a modular workshop system by HobbyZone. In today’s post, we take a closer look at one of the modules. Specifically this is a quick review of the HobbyZone Corner Drawer Module.

In the interest of full disclosure, shipped me this unit as part of a larger set up for review. That said, the modular workshop system is absolutely gorgeous! Check it how it looks on my desk.

HobbyZone Desk
A look at my HobbyZone for building and painting miniatures. Simply stunning!!!

Review of the HobbyZone Corner Drawer Module

Now, let’s take a closer look at the corner drawers module.

Building the Corner Drawers Module (OM03)

The Corner Drawers Module comes flat-packed nicely in a box.

HobbyZone Corner Drawer Module Review
A look at how the unit ships. Instruction sheet on how to build the unit is right on the top. Nice.

From here, I built the drawers. The blue acrylic windows are actually clear. The blue covers are there for protection and peel away.

HobbyZone Drawer for Miniatures building
Building up one of the drawers. These are fairly straight forward to build.
Hobby Zone Drawers Review
In no time, I built up all five drawers. I like to use elastics while I wait for glue to dry on MDF, but you can use tape too.

After I built the drawers, I built the module itself. This went together fairly well together. The instructions recommend that you use tape, but I have box-making-strap-clamps, so I used those instead.

Building an MDF Hobby Station
Here I am just waiting for the glue to dry. Behind the corner unit, I have the IPad holder that I reviewed earlier. That is one of the most handy modules that I have. The price on the corner unit is roughly $32.50 American.

For those wondering what glue I use, I like to use [amazon_textlink asin=’B001E4E3KY’ text=’Gorilla Glue’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mustcontainmi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9c243129-b4f7-4d45-9c63-d5e13ddd9968′] when I can. I have had great results with it to date.

Building a MDF drawer unit with Gorilla Glue
Personally, I like using Gorilla Glue to assemble my MDF products.

Placing it Back into the Workshop System…

Once the piece dries, you hammer in the magnets as per the other HobbyZone products that I reviewed on this site. They then snap together however you wish to place them. Below you, can see my corner drawer module on the right hand side of my hobby station.

review of the HobbyZone Corner Drawer Module
You can see the Hobby Zone Corner Drawer Module on the right hand side of the image. It looks great and is very functional too.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick review of the HobbyZone Corner Drawer Module (OM03). This is a small piece of the bigger HobbyZone Modular Workshop System and I think it looks great. How about you? What do you think of it? Do you own any HobbyZone products?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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