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Review – IPad Holder by HobbyZone

In this post, I take a look at the Multimedia Module by This unit is a part of their Modular Workshop System. While HobbyZone calls this unit a Multimedia Module, I am going to call it what it is – an IPad Holder. That said, you can use this holder for Android and other devices too.

Of the modules in my Modular Workshop System, this one has to be one of my favourites. That said, I almost didn’t buy this module. Instead I planned to get another paint rack. It was my wife who asked me, “how about this module?” Her advice was golden. Don’t tell her I said this, but it is fantastic. It really increases the usefulness of my work-space. I am glad that I listened to my wife.  🙂

It took my work-space from having an IPad monopolizing the available desk space, to a very clear work area. Just check out the difference below. Multimedia Holder
My workspace before the “IPad Holder” (Multimedia Module). Yep, that IPad takes up more space than one might think. Here you can see the Multimedia Module as two parts during its assembly – a module frame and a brace for your multimedia device.
HobbyZone IPad Holder Review
The Multimedia Module got my IPad off of my work surface and made it so I could work on larger projects on the desktop. Look at all that space!!!

As you can guess, this is going to be a fairly positive review. That said, I did make a mistake while building it. More details about that below. As a note, sent me my Modular Workshop Station for Review Purposes.

Enjoying the IPad Holder

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have all of that reclaimed hobby space from my IPad. I built this unit early in my HobbyZone project and used it right away. In fact, it is the first HobbyZone product that I actively used. I can exemplify it’s quick usefulness in the images below.

IPad Holder - Multimedia Holder for your Miniature building hobby area - HobbyZone
Right from the start, I loved all of the reclaimed desk space this Multimedia Holder gave me. I used it extensively while building the other modules.
HobbyZone Modular Workstation Review
As you can see, I had a ton of desk space for even large products. What a handy tool that IPad Holder is. As a note, you don’t need the fancy box making tools that I used in building my HobbyZone Modules.

As you can see, this item is an absolute space saver.

Assembling the HobbyZone Multimedia Module

This Multimedia Module comes nicely packed.

Opening a HobbyZone Multimedia Moudle
Just like all of the other HobbyZone Modules, this unit came nicely packed with directions on top to greet the item’s new owner. review
In this project, you build the module frame and the brace that holds your electronic device. The pieces above are to build the adjustable pads for the holder.
Construing an IPad Holder for your Miniature Hobby Area
On the brace, you have to build the holder pads. This is the rear part of that section. I tend to use Gorilla Glue as my preferred glue brand. No specific reason other than I have had good luck with their products.
Gluing together an MDF Project
And here I glued together the front pads of the brace. You could get by without the fancy clamps if you don’t own any. HobbyZone recommends that you use painters tape to do this. I tend to like using elastics and clamps when working with MDF.

After you glue these separate parts together, you fasten them together with screws. The screws give you the ability to adjust the size of the holder. You do this before fastening the item to the brace. This means that it takes disassembly to change the depth of the device for which this module is optimized.

IPad Holder Review for HobbyZone's Multimedia Module
Here we have the Brace and the Module. The next step is putting them together.
Building a HobbyZone Modular Workshop Station - Multimedia Holder Review
Once the brace and module are attached, you finish off the project by hammering in magnets so it clicks together nicely with the rest of the Modular Workshop System. As a note, the pads adjust left to right to accommodate different sized devices and tilts up and down.

I Made a Mistake

Now, this is where I made my mistake. Notice in the picture above how far the white pads go down. I didn’t realize that the brace was not equidistant on each side. I had to take the pads off, and flip them around on the brace to build the unit correctly. Having the white-pads go down too far limits the range the brace will tilt so I had to fix this mistake to use the unit as designed. Not a terrible fix, but one that had to be made.

The Finished Product

Once I flipped the pads over, I was done! This unit gets so much use.

Sometimes I sit down to work on projects and end up watching Youtube off of my IPad instead. That might not always be a good thing, but I am happy and that is what matters.  🙂

HobbyZone IPad Holder Review
Finally you see the finished product. It is surprisingly useful and I am very happy that my wife suggested that I order it.
HobbyZone Workshop Modular System for miniature painting with Blood and Plunder ships
Here you can see the IPad Holder (Multimedia Module) by HobbyZone in use as I build my Blood and Plunder boats.

Assembling the unit was mostly straight forward. It helps that the unit comes with instructions.’s Photos

While I am very happy with my Multimedia Module, I wanted to share some of the pictures off of HobbyZone’s website to show more about the functionality of the product.

HobbyZone's IPad Holder
Here you can see that you can put the holder at any height and adjust the tilt of the screen.
Adjustable IPad Holder for your Miniature Building Table / Work Space
There is a hole in the back to feed power up to your device. You also get a better look at the tilt screw and the adjustable width sliders in this picture. I set those items on mine loose enough that I can adjust them on the fly. The only thing that I can’t adjust on the fly is how strongly the mount clasps the depth of the device.
Hobby Zone Multimedia Module Holder Review
You can use this Multimedia holder for any number of electronic devices. It doesn’t have to be an IPad.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, I am extremely happy with my Multimedia Module from Thanks goes out to them again for them sending it over to review. The item is way more useful than I thought while looking through the catalogue. In fact, this was a module I wasn’t even going to order. It took a suggestion from Mrs. Must Contain Minis for me to even consider ordering this item. I can’t stop telling you how happy I am to have this a part of my Modular Workshop System.

I do have to note that I made a mistake while building the item and had to go back a couple of steps to fix what went wrong. Overall though, not bad to build and I am very happy with this product.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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