HobbyZone Article Round Up

HobbyZone Article Round Up

I absolutely love my HobbyZone Modular Workshop Station. In this post, join me for a HobbyZone Article Round Up. Here, I list all of the posts that I wrote about HobbyZone.pl.

You have likely seen my modular workshop station in many posts. It often makes it into the background photos of my work on the desktop. Today’s post gathers all of the review articles related to the product in one single spot.

Special thanks goes out to HobbyZone for sending me all of these products for review. Now, let’s take a look at those articles.

I listed the HobbyZone article round up in chronological order from the date written.

The HobbyZone Articles

Overall Experience

I must say that overall I am very happy with my experience with HobbyZone.pl. The company is in Poland and I could not believe how fast they got their product over to Canada. From when I placed my order for review products to when they arrived for pickup it was just three days! It shipped from Poland to Germany in one day, then to New York and the next thing I knew, it was at a distribution center in my local city. Absolutely amazing!

I don’t remember if they shipped it by UPS or FedEx. I was still amazed.

Now, I choose HobbyZone for my desk because of the aesthetics. The white with the MDF board just looks awesome together and sold Mrs. Must Contain Minis on the product. When Mrs. Must Contain Minis is sold on the idea, I find it best to go along. Win-win for both of us!

As you can read in the above reviews, all of the pieces went together very well. I had very little issue and found the designs straight forward and easy to build.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this article round up of HobbyZone reviews. I must thank HobbyZone.pl for sending me the products for review. They sent the items by express shipping and I have ordered a lot of products in my own country that did not move that fast.

If you are interested in more pictures of my workstation, I have a section of this website dedicated to HobbyZone.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Disclosure: For the sake of full disclosure, HobbyZone.pl sent me products of their Modular Workshop System for review. Must Contain Minis was not compensated in any other way for the reviews or articles.

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2 thoughts on “HobbyZone Article Round Up

  1. I love Hobby Zones stuff. The first paint station I ever bought was an HZ one.
    Looks like their product line has come a long way. I may need to take aother look.
    Most of what I’m using these days come from Game Craft Miniatures – Allen does nice stuff.

    1. I know of Game Craft Miniatures, but have not seen their stuff in person. Allen has a lot of cool MDF products.

      Thanks for sharing that Hobby Zone was your first paint station! My first paint station (a side from home made ones) was by XOLK. 🙂

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