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Wargames Foundry Pirates – Cutthroat Characters

With yesterday’s post showcasing some upcoming plastic pirate miniatures, I figured that I would showcase some Pirates by Wargames Foundry. Join me today as we look at some Wargames Foundry Pirates (CUT013 – Cutthroat Characters) as painted by Dave Lamers.

These miniatures are smaller in scale than the ones by Firelock Games, and I mounted them on my own bigger bases. I have no idea whether these figures would fit on Blood & Plunder sized bases. My guess would be it would be close.

I still wouldn’t use Wargames Foundry Miniatures along side Firelock Games in the same force. Below is a scale comparison image from another post.

Scale Comparison Wargames Foundry to Firelock Games - Miniature Captains - Pirates
A scale comparison image for Blood & Plunder and other pirate games. On the left, Firelock Games. On the right, Wargames Foundry. You can see the significant size difference. Image from an earlier post.

Dave Lamers painted these miniatures for me and took the pictures. He does commission work and generally leaves the bases bare so the client can match the figures to their collections.

With all that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the pirate miniatures.

Wargames Foundry Cutthroat Characters

The Wargames Foundry Cutthroat Characters come in a blister pack of 7 miniatures. I have 6 of those figures.

Wargames Foundry Pirates - Cutthroat Characters
Three characters painted up for Swashbuckling in the Caribbean. One of the guys in the back is actually a Reaper Miniatures sneaked into the shot (Back Right). You can see that the Wargames Foundry miniatures are smaller in scale.
Some 25mm / 28mm swashbuckling miniatures.
A couple of cutthroat pirates ready to board a ship.
Wargames Foundry Cutthroats
When you don’t have time to reload, use your gun as a club!

Dave did a very nice job painting these guys up. They will look even better when I get them home and put some basing materials on them.

Wrapping it up…

There you have it. My pirate miniatures by Wargames Foundry as painted by Dave Lamers. If you want some nicely done commission painted figures, Dave is worth a look. He works very fast and people tell me that they find his prices very fair.

I bought this pack of miniatures by Wargames Foundry for scale comparison purposes. They do not fit together with Firelock Games in my opinion, but the miniatures are nice. The detail is good and the weapons are heroic. I like the chunkier weapons as I am less worried about breaking the figures.

The pack comes with 7 miniatures, but for some reason was missing one. I never wrote to the company because I purchased the miniatures through someone else and I was really after them for scale comparison purposes anyhow. I was not worried that one was not there.

Thanks again for joining me in this post looking at Wargames Foundry Pirates.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Bill

    I remember adding this order for you onto one of my regular Wargames Foundry orders. I didn’t know you had been shorted on that blister! You should have let me know and I would have contacted WF for the missing figure. Nice paint job by Dave Lamers, as usual.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks Bill. It took me a while to figure out I was missing a character and I didn’t want to be a bother to anyone. I really bought them just to see how they measure up to other minis, so I am happy.

      Also, Dave does great work. 🙂

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