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Review – Hobby Zone Drawers Module x 3 (OM02a)

You may remember HobbyZone from my earlier post about planning my workspace. In this post, I review their 3 Horizontal Drawers Module (Drawers Module x 3 – OM02a) from their Modular Workshop System.

In the interest of Full Disclosure, HobbyZone sent me these modules for review purposes.  

Opening the Box

Like all of the other HobbyZone Module Workshop items, the drawers come nicely flat-packed in a box. You have to assemble them.

HobbyZone Drawers Review
The HobbyZone 3 Horizontal Drawer unit comes nicely packed. On my desk, I had my tools and Gorilla Wood Glue ready to build this MDF kit. You may notice, that I built some of the other modules first. That I-Pad holder is absolutely awesome and I highly recommend it.

The box greets you with some bubble wrap and some nicely illustrated instructions. I found the directions easy to follow and assembled the unit fairly quickly.

Building the Unit

The instructions recommend that you use PVA glue along with painters’ tape to construct the unit. The painters’ tape is to hold the rack and shelves together while the glue dries. This isn’t my first MDF kit, so I had some other tools that I prefer to use for this sort of project. These tools include elastic bands and a special box building clamp.

The first step is to build the rack. Everything here glued together with no issues.

As a tip – I like to brush my glue onto my MDF projects rather than just squeezing the bottle onto where the glue should go. I find that I waste less glue this way as none of the glue misses the target and less of the glue squeezes out as I clamp the pieces together.

Building a Drawers Module x 3 by HobbyZone OM02a
Here I built the box / rack for the shelves and clamped it down for the glue to dry. I bought the specialized clamp from an Army Surplus store.

While the rack dried, I built the shelves. For them, I used elastics to hold them firm while the Gorilla Wood Glue dried.

Building a HobbyZone Drawer Review
Here I allow the glue on one of the shelves to dry. For this, I used elastics to hold it together, but if you don’t have that, you could use painters tape too.

The Completed Unit

Once I assembled the rack and drawers together, the unit was completed. This one was a very quick build.

HobbyZone Modular Workshop Review
The completed drawer unit beside a few other HobbyZone Modular Workshop units.

For those wondering, I am watching The Armchair Historian on the IPad, and, yes, you can see one of my [amazon_textlink asin=’B000HHQ94C’ text=’photolamps’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mustcontainmi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8d8632d2-bd4c-44ae-ac7c-d4bb0a0cb96d’] in the reflection of the Plexiglas shield below the IPad.

Hobby Zone Horizontal 3 shelves Module Review OM02a
The drawers even have optional dividers that you can use or exclude. I used them in two of the three drawers. You can see the magnets on the top of the unit to help it connect to the other modules. All of the modules have the magnets on all of their connectable sides, making rearranging the modules simple.

The quality of the unit is outstanding, and the pieces are visually appealing too! When I finished the unit, I debated on whether to glue in the dividers or to put them in loosely. I decided to glue them down in two of the three drawers.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick look at HobbyZone’s OM02a (Drawers Module x 3) unit. This unit is easy to build, looks great and is of very high quality. I don’t see any negatives about the item, unless it is out of your price range. Price-wise, it is not bad for a quality product and I was going to purchase the units. I was then lucky enough to have tell me that they would send me the items for review instead. Thank you HobbyZone for that!

As stated above, the quality of the product is excellent and I am very happy with the end result. In my application of the unit, I used the drawers as follows…

  • Top Drawer – No Dividers – Random items such as Army Painter Woodland Tufts, some 28mm pottery by Steve Barber Models (these came in a Model Box I reviewed a while back), and some green stuff. Lots of room there for future expansion, so who knows what will go in it later.
  • Middle Drawer – With Dividers – My 28mm bits box.
  • Bottom Drawer – With Dividers – My 15mm bits box.

If anyone were to ask, I would highly recommend the product.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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