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MDF Terrain Review: Wooden Bridge by XOLK (28mm)

So far, Must Contain Minis has been very impressed with the Terrain sent for Review by XOLK. In this post, we are looking at another one of those pieces.

Check out their Wooden Bridge. This is an excellent MDF Terrain Kit.

MDF Terrain Review for a Wooden Bridge by XOLK. Good for Frostgrave, Bolt Action and many other Miniatures Games.
A fictitious fight between some World War Two Soldiers and a Frostgrave Apprentice with his guards on a Wooden Bridge by XOLK. What a lovely piece of MDF Terrain.

I was lucky enough to get it sent to me before it was released to the public. Now, it is available through the Internet and select retailers.

When I received it, I was a little anxious to put it together as there were no instructions for the piece online yet. I waited until the instructions were up and built it as soon as they went online. This kit is extremely easy to build, and went together fast.

Just like all of the other XOLK Terrain that I have reviewed, I built it with Carpenters glue. Unlike the Ruined Cottage and Normand House, I decided not to paint this piece. Not only did I decide to leave this piece unpainted, I also used it as my centre terrain piece at Hotlead 2017.

Review of a XOLK MDF Wooden Bridge
In the first scenario, the Bridge was used directly over the centre objective. The bridge looks stunning even unpainted.


Excellent Frostgrave Tabletop Terrain
In the second scenario, the Bridge was the best route to enter the Demon summoning circle. It fits nicely in with the rest of the table and makes a fine centre-piece.


XOLK Terrain at Hotlead 2017
A look at the same setup from the opposite direction.

On this tabletop, the Bridge looks gorgeous! To get the extra height on the bridge, I resorted to a bit of craftiness. This craftiness was outlined in my Cigar Box Battle Mats Review, but I will show the quick version here.

Under the flexible fleece Material are four blocks of insulation foam that I cut to form hills. Between the cliffs of the hills, I would fit the bridge.

Xolk bridge gaps two cliffs
Above are the foam pieces that I cut with a miniature underneath the bridge for a proof of concept.


Styrofoam and MDF Terrain
A close up of the mini under the bridge. I purposely made a large gap so I could fit even larger miniatures under the bridge.
XOLK MDF Wooden Bridge for Wargaming
Above is a Large Earth Elemental and two Dwarfs by Reaper Miniatures. This picture was over-exposed on purpose to better show the darker areas of the photo.

This use of the Battle Mat and Insulation foam make a very nice effect for the Wooden Bridge.

An observant eye will notice that the pics above do not have the bridge footings that the opening picture of this article contains. I left those footings off of the model and use them loose to adapt with the terrain. For those that build dioramas, those footings come with extenders so the piece can be used at slightly higher elevations.

XOLK MDF Wooden Bridge for Wargaming
Another look at the wooden bridge


XOLK MDF Terrain Wooden Bridge for Wargaming
A higher up picture to show the details on the bridge. There is a lot of texture on this one and it looks really nice.

This piece comes in at $20.99 Canadian (or roughly $15.40 for my American readers with today’s exchange rate). At that price, this is a fairly affordable piece. It goes together fast and looks great. Like the other MDF Terrain that I have received from XOLK, I could see this piece being used in a number of places including on Fantasy tables, Historical tables and Modern gaming tables.

To end, I wanted to wrap back to the top and show another angle on the Frostgrave vs Bolt Action Battle. Who do you think would win this fight?


Bolt Action vs Frostgrave on an MDF Bridge
Bolt Action vs Frostgrave. Which group would win?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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