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Memoir 44 – The Perfect Game for the Holidays

In this post, I want to draw your attention to a painted Memoir 44 review that I just uploaded to YouTube.

When I get together with non-miniatures gamers, and sometimes non-gamers, this is the board game that I like to hit the table with. This game gives a historical miniatures game feel, without scaring away non-gamers. In fact, I would classify this game as a perfect gateway game to get your friends involved in miniatures.

Being that the Holidays (in a pre-COVID world) are when I get together with friends and family (who are not gamers), this is the perfect game for me to get out to get my miniature gaming fix while enjoying the Holidays.

For those wondering, this game is made by Days of Wonder and distributed by Asmodee.

Memoir 44 Painted and Reviewed on YouTube

To make it easier to navigate around the video review and showcase, here is a table of contents. The video is just below this list of time stamps. You can also watch it over on YouTube.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:46 My Collection
  • 1:08 Recommendation of what to get and what to get next
  • 1:28 How I organize my Memoir 44 base set
  • 1:47 How to paint board game minis (specifically how I painted Memoir 44)
  • 2:57 Painted Memoir 44 Pacific Theatre figures
  • 4:01 Air Pack for Memoir 44
  • 4:35 A quick discussion of the game
  • 5:09 Eye candy of painted Memoir 44 pictures
  • 5:53 What are Command Cards?
  • 6:30 More eye candy
  • 7:13 The victory tracker – how points are scored in Memoir 44
  • 7:39 Who won the game in the pictures
  • 8:04 Quick tour of the written article on Must Contain Minis
  • 8:32 Summary Review

My Memoir 44 Painted and Reviewed video. A narrated slideshow of one really great game.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this Memoir 44 review. Hopefully you got to watch the video. If you enjoyed the content, please like the video and subscribe to the channel over on YouTube to help encourage me to continue to make new videos.

If you want a longer written review, I have that too in a post I did back in 2016.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!