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My HobbyZone Collection – Video Review

Today on YouTube, I present a video HobbyZone Review. Specifically, I look at my Modular Workshop System that they sent for review a good while back. This video allows me to share the reviews with another audience, and gives you something enjoyable to watch should you have the time.

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The YouTube Video

My HobbyZone Modular Workshop System Review and Showcase on YouTube

Video Description

n this video, I showcase and Review my HobbyZone Modular Workshop System. This stunning looking collection organizes your hobby tools (such as paints, tools, brushes, and more) in a very pleasing fashion.

If you are looking to organize your miniatures painting desk (or craft station for that matter), here is one of the products you could choose. This product perfectly blends together style and functionality. Even Mrs. Must Contain Minis approves of this one.

How to Get your Hands on This…

My Modular Workshop System came direct from Poland at Since then, a dealer of HobbyZone popped up in North America. If you are in Canada or the USA, look up Strike Force Hobbies. Although stock is low now, this will change over time and this is where you can get a set up like this too.

A Note

Please note that while this video is recent, HobbyZone actually sent me the product back in 2019. There is a series of written reviews from this collection, and today I decided to turn those reviews into a quick video too.

This means that my experience is from pre-pandemic days.

Wrapping it Up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this video. Feel free to leave a comment bellow, or over on my YouTube Channel too. Do you own a HobbyZone Setup?

If not, be sure to check out HobbyZone. They also have a North American store currently carrying their products. Right now, they are sold out, but you can check out Strike Force Hobbies if you are in Canada or the USA. They are the Official Distributor for North America. Ordering from Poland was quite an experience too and I was amazed with how fast it shipped.

Thanks again for checking out Must Contain Minis.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!