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Quick Update – I bought into the New40K

Hi Everyone. It is Jacob from Must Contain Minis and I am still around. Lately I have been building miniatures galore for Warhammer 40K. Specifically, I bought in with the starting of an official Games Workshop Space Marine Army.

This new army begins with the Leviathan box set, the Agastus Strike Force, the old Start Collecting Vanguard Space Marines box set, some Aggressors and the Primaris Repulsor Exectioner.

If you watched or read my old review article about the 9th Edition Recruit Starter Set or the Assault Intercessors with Paints Starter Set, then you will know that I had a handful 9 Space Marine Miniatures already in this collection before my most recent purchase.

Assault Intercessors already in the Warhammer 40K collection

The first things I built to add to these forces was the Vanguard Space Marines and Aggressors. I followed these up with the Levithan boxed set and the Repulsor. Right now I am working on the Dreadnaught in the Agastus boxed set.

Levithan boxed set built up

Above is a shot of the Levithan boxed set all built and ready to go. I really enjoyed building the figures, and was so excited about finishing the task that I snapped a photo of the collection before setting up some studio lights for a better photo. Better photos are still to come.

In addition to my work on this website and Bell of Lost Souls, I have also been very busy on my YouTube channel. Below is a video outlining my 40K collection.

Video of my Current Warhammer 40,000 Collection

Check out my first buys for a brand new Space Marine Army in 10th Edition. I also talk about my pre-existing collection of proxy Guard models in this video.

Wrapping it up…

Tonight’s post was a quick one to let you know that I am still around and have been very busy building up miniatures of late. There is more content to come.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!