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Frostgrave Dwarfs

I have always had an unexplained compulsion to collect Dwarfs. Why? I don’t know. Maybe, it is because they are short and stout or maybe I look kind of like one. Regardless, I collect them without requiring a gaming system. Lately, I have been watching a lot of Guerrilla Miniature Games videos and it was Ash’s videos that helped encourage me to go out and buy the rules to Frostgrave.

Now that I got the rules, I need a warband. So, I bought some NorthStar Figures. There is a gaming event on June 5 that I would like to attend called Lords of War. Since I already have a Flames of War tournament at the end of May, I might not get all of my painting done before June 5. What is a guy to do?

Well, let’s check into a collection I already own. I already have plenty of Dwarfs – more than enough for a full warband. So, if I don’t get my other faction done before the campaign day, these Dwarfs will be my backup plan.

Behold, the warband in full glory!

Sure, the bases don’t all match, but they are good enough for a pinch or as a second force to use at home. In this warband, there are figures from ReaperRAFM and Wizards of the Coast. Check out the Earth-Golem at the back. Is it believable that it is from Reaper Bones? Look at how well it holds the detail. Of the four miniatures below, guess which one is also from Reaper Bones.
Frostgrave Dwarf Wizard

Okay. Perhaps you could tell that the last figure above is a Reaper Bones product because I did not remove the flash lines. To tell the truth, all four of the miniatures above are actually Reaper Bones products. They turned out pretty good.

As far as I am concerned, Reaper Bones products are fantastic. In my experience, they hold their details every bit as good as Reaper’s metal line. In addition to all of the miniatures in this force made by Reaper, there is also a bunch made by RAFM.

To end off, I would like to give a shout out to Joseph McCullough (the author of Frostgrave) and link to his Blog The Renaissance Troll. Thanks writing a great game!  I can’t wait to play it.  🙂

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  1. Francis Lee

    Nice work Jacob, welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Jacob

    Thank you all very much for the positive feedback.

  3. jacobstauttener

    Today I changed out a bunch of the pictures in this post to better images of the models. I also added additional photos.

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