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Back Into Miniatures

Several years ago, I went to a local convention where I tried out USX Modern Day Heroes by RAFM. I fell in love with the idea of a Swat Team versus Cthulhu horrors and bought the starter box that day. At the time of writing, that starter kit is still an affordable $39.95 Canadian for 17 miniatures – available from the RAFM web store. Although I rarely play USX, I can’t praise those guys enough as it was that demo game and this box set that got me back into true miniatures. Whether you play USX, these figures are very usable in other games. Most recently I used them in A Fistful of Kungfu published by Osprey Games.

USX Modern Day Heroes Starter Set
The USX Starter Box by RAFM. Image taken from RAFM’s web store.
Below are my two squad team units. The figure on the round base is not by RAFM but rather a conversion I did of an imperial guardsman by GW to make him like a Judge Dread type of character.
SWAT Team Miniatures - 32mm
RAFM SWAT Team Miniatures
Below is a picture of his riot shield.
Scratch Built Judge Dread Miniature

Please keep in mind that these are some of the first true miniatures that I had painted in years so I was using techniques that worked well on Board Game miniatures, but maybe not as well on 28 to 32mm figures.  When I make my post about Deep Ones, the improvement in my skill will be a little more evident.

To round out my law giving force, I also bought some cop miniatures from Armorcast in Ohio.

Armourcast Cops - Miniatures

These miniatures turned out better than my SWAT unit simply because my skill had improved. At this point, I was still sealing them with a clear coat of glossy varnish. As I got away from board game pieces and into true miniatures, I started to use a matte varnish instead.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Next up will be something either about my Deep Ones or on my current project for Frostgrave.

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  1. Ganesha Games

    The cops are from Armorcast, I think

  2. jacobstauttener

    Thanks Ganesha Games. The models are from Armorcast and I have linked to them in the article.

  3. Dwight Fidler

    I’m Hmming and Hawing on USX. I like RAFM and the fact they’re in Canada. I just bought some 15mm from them for Snapshot. Currently done our run on AT-43 and Warhammer Kill Team and about to start Strontium Dog. USX really intrigues me though. It runs quickly? I’d love to see a thorough rundown of the rules. I already love their minis (although prefer 15mm).

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hi Dwight,

      It has been a long time since I played USX. The rules play well and quick. If you run your guy in the open, he is going to die quickly. Fire power is extremely deadly.

      They use letters for stats that you have to look up on a chart. I personally am not a fan of that. They used to have PDF resources on the site for figure statistics and a free set of Demo rules that I could not find. I did find a PDF of the rules that you can purchase for $5.

      Personally I really love the figures and now use them for other rule sets mostly.

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