Dutch Zeelieden Miniatures Showcase

Dutch Zeelieden Miniatures Showcase

In this post, we take a look at the Dutch Zeelieden for Blood & Plunder. These 28mm miniatures by Firelock Games are a little larger than other ranges, but they look great and are purpose built for the ships of the range. Like the Enter Ploeg and the Kapers miniatures that we looked at in our last Blood & Plunder posts, these minis come in the Dutch Nationality Starter Set.

Again, Dave Lamers, painted these models up. He does fantastic work at painting miniatures to a tabletop quality quickly. Yes, he takes commissions too.

Now, let’s get into it.

The Dutch Zeelieden

The rules to the Dutch Zeelieden miniatures are found in the Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond the Line Expansion Book.

Like the Enter Ploeg and the Kapers, these guys are expert sailors too. Of the group though, they are the best at handling artillery guns and are good at charging in at the enemy.

You can also upgrade their weapons to include Blunderbusses, Stinkpots, Firepots, Grenadoes, or Firelock Muskets. They come standard with Pistols and Standard Melee Weapons. Want to save some points on them, you can remove their Pistols and take them with just Melee Weapons.

As such, this makes them a very flexible unit to take into your sailing crew.

Let’s look at the Zeelieden miniatures!

The Painted Miniatures

A 28mm Dutch Zeelieden miniature
A Zeelieden miniature, complete with pistols and an ax.
A Dutch Zeelieden armed with a sword and pistol.
These guys are certainly well armed.
A Painted Blood & Plunder Miniature
Ready for a skirmish for sure.
A Dutch Blood & Plunder Sailor by Firelock Games
These guys are just as ready to fight as they are ready to sale.
A unit of painted Dutch Zeelieden in Blood & Plunder - 28mm miniatures
A look at the four Zeelieden miniatues together in a group.

Those are some nice looking minis.

Wrapping it up…

Again, some nicely painted miniatures by Dave Lamers. He painted all of my Dutch minis for Blood & Plunder. 

Overall, these are some pretty nice miniatures. They look great on the tabletop and painted up pretty good. Special thanks goes again to for painting them. Also, if you like the look of these minis, be sure to check out Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Thanks for checking out this showcase of painted 28mm Blood & Plunder miniatures. I photographed these minis on a Cigar Box Battle Mat.

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