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Blood & Plunder Scale Comparison

As the Kickstarter for Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond the Line continues, I noticed a question pop up on the forums and in the dedicated Facebook Group a few times. That question is… “how do Blood & Plunder miniatures scale up to other companies?” Reaper Miniatures seems to be the company mentioned the most. In this quick post, I answer that very question.

Blood & Plunder Miniature Scale Comparion - Firelock Games, to North Star (Frostgrave), to Reaper Miniatures
Above, we have a line up of guys from various games and manufacturers. From Left to Right… A Reaper Bones Pirate, A Blood & Plunder French Marin, A North Star Apprentice Necromancer, A Pathfinder Reaper Miniature, A Blood & Plunder French Captain, A North Star Frostgrave Cultist.

The Miniatures are close enough that they can fit in with either North Star or Reaper figures. Their proportions are a slimmer than the 32mm Reaper Miniatures and taller than the 28mm North Star Military Figures. The ship in the background was painted by Jeremy Cada of Forbes Hobbies (my favourite FLGS in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada).

For the next picture, I pulled out some other figures. The Reaper Barbarians surprised me. I expected them to be much larger than the Miniatures by Firelock Games. Instead, they are right in line with them scale wise and match up well. I also added a mini from Conan for comparison purposes.

Scale Comparison of Miniatures - Blood and Plunder Pirates to Conan, North Star and Reaper
From Left to Right… A Blood & Plunder Boucanier, A Bowman from Conan: the Board Game, A North Star Barbarian, A Blood & Plunder French Marin, A Reaper Barbarian, A Blood & Plunder Captain, A Reaper Miniatures Female Barbarian.
I wanted to use this photo to show off some of the detail in Firelock’s Sloop. That ship looks fabulous when painted. I still have to add the flaps for the canons and the rigging, but this is one of the prettiest games I have ever seen!

To make the models at the same height for comparison purposes, I placed extra bases under each miniatures until their feet were at roughly the same height.

Below is an even better scale comparison photo.

An even better scale comparison photo. We have the same models in this photo as the image above, but in the opposite direction. Left to Right… A Reaper Miniatures Female Barbarian, A Blood & Plunder Captain, A Reaper Barbarian, A Blood & Plunder French Marin, A North Star Barbarian, A Bowman from Conan: the Board Game, A Blood & Plunder Boucanier.

Be sure to click on the pictures above to zoom in on the models to get a good look at them.

While the Blood and Plunder miniatures’ size and style is certainly discernible from the other models, I was surprised with how well they fit in with both Reaper Miniatures and North Star Military Figures. That said, it is my opinion that they line up best to the Reaper and Conan Miniatures.

It will be a little while before I get my French painted. Once they are done, it is my plan to proxy in Conan Miniatures as Spanish Militia until my Kickstarter pledge arrives.

Speaking of Pledges, Firelock Games is in the final 5 days of  their Kickstarter Campaign. I made a pledge myself for this game and I would like to see everyone unlock some more stretch goals before the end of the campaign. Take a look and make a pledge if you can. If I had the money, I would love to get the Fluyt with a Dutch Starter Set. Instead, I will be getting a starter set with the Piragua and some Conoas.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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