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Firelock Games Releases Terrain!!!

Firelock Games has a ton of very exciting releases coming our way! Recently, I got some news that I just had to share!!! That news is that Firelock Games is getting into terrain. Now, their ships pretty much count as terrain pieces to me. They are large and beautiful on the table. Now, they have a land fortress and gun emplacement available for sale!

For those new to Blood and Plunder, it is a historical pirates game. The game’s scale is 32mm. That said, I am sure that these models will likely fit in with 28mm miniatures too.

All images in this post were provided by Firelock Games.

The Stone Fort

Check this model out. It looks awesome and would be a lot of fun to defend a coast line with against ships.

Firelock Games Releases Terrain
This fort looks absolutely great to me. While it would be absolutely great in Blood and Plunder, I can see it pulling double duty for a large variety of games including Frostgrave and Age of Sigmar.

The rules for this fort are already available on the Firelock Games‘ Download Page and the unit costs 20 points. That is pretty close in points to a Light Frigate, and this building can mount four heavy cannons. That leads to the logical conclusion that heavy cannon models are also now available.

Blood & Plunder Heavy Cannon
Firelock Games now offers their Heavy Cannons in blister packs of two.

On top of the fort and heavy cannon, Firelock Games also released their gun emplacement model too.

The Gun Emplacement

Now, this model also looks great. Like the fort, I can imagine people using this model for a whole host of games including Blood & Plunder, Bolt Action and many other games. Perhaps it could even fit nicely into some sort of 28 or 32mm scaled World War One game.

Gun emplacement 28mm to 32mm terrain piece for miniature wargaming Firelock Games
Check out this cool gun emplacement. This would fit in well with my Spanish Militia forces.

Together, the heavy cannon and gun emplacement make a powerful (and low points) option that ships should fear.

Bark vs Cannon in Blood & Plunder
It looks like this little Bark is about to be taken out by a heavy cannon team. So cool!

Other Releases…

On top of the Stone Fort, Heavy Cannon and Gun Emplacement, Firelock Games have a few other new releases worth looking at.

One of those releases is a set of pewter bases. These are the same bases as on the bottom of all of their metal miniatures. This allows you to use miniatures by other companies and base them on the same bases as your Blood and Plunder figures. This opens up the field a bit and could be handy for people who already have collections and want smaller bases to get more of those figures on the ships.

In addition to the four releases above, the guys at Firelock Games reached their pre-sales goal for the European Pikemen and are now selling those models too. They plan to make the pikes out of wire so you can cut them down into lances if you prefer shorter weapons on your soldiers. They are also working on a new release for their natives collection where the soldiers are armed with great big clubs.

Finally, they have a weapons sprue coming so you can arm your sailors with the new weapons options from No Peace Beyond the Line.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you find this Blood and Plunder Terrain just as exciting as I do.

When I saw the Stone Fort, I had to share this news wide and far. That model looks so cool and it can have so many uses! If you don’t already follow their Facebook Page, be sure to check it out. They have updates about Oak and Iron and even more exciting news. That news is to watch Kickstarter in the fall as they are planning to extend the timeline in Blood and Plunder – Blackbeard will be available as a character. So cool!!!

You can visit the Firelock Games‘ web page to further check out these new products.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!