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Stark Miniatures Showcase – Part One – A Song of Ice and Fire

In this post, we take a look at some Stark Miniatures as painted by Ullr’s Table for a Song of Ice and Fire. Specifically, we take a look at Robb and Bran Stark as well as Grey Wind, Summer and Hodor.

Robb Stark

Born Stark is the oldest child between Lady Catelyn and Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell. He becomes King of the North and has a Dire Wolf named Grey Wind. In A Song of Ice and Fire, Robb is a masterful tactician with a trait that helps him flank and outmaneuver enemies.

Robb Stark Miniature Painted for a Song of Ice and Fire - Game of thrones miniatures Game
Robb Stark the miniature from the core box set. There is also an alternative pose of Robb.
Robb Stark Miniature
Another look of Robb Stark.

Grey Wind

Grey Wind is the Dire Wolf raised by Robb Stark. He is not the official colour of Grey Wind, but I am sure that is okay. 🙂

Dire Wolf Miniature - Grey Wind
Officially, this is the miniature of Grey Wind. His colours are closer to Summer’s but that is okay. I am sure you can use the model as either wolf as long as your opponent agrees.
Robb Stark's Dire Wolf Miniature
The other side of Grey Wind. I faced one of these in the last game of A Song of Ice and Fire that I played. He is fast!

Bran and Hodor

Bran is one of Robb Stark’s younger brothers. The Lannisters pushed him out a window early on in the Game of Throne’s story. This act, rendered the young boy disabled. To help Bran, Maester Luwin designed a carrying basket to strap to Hodor (the Stark Family’s friendly giant). For the rest of the story, Hodor becomes Bran’s method of transportation. Sadly, Hodor isn’t the smartest person working for the Stark Family, but he does prove useful and strong.

Hodor and Bran Miniature from A Song of Ice and Fire painted
Hodor! Hodor! He doesn’t say much, but he certainly likes saying his name.
Bran and Hodor Miniature - Game of Thrones Painted
Hodor proves a very useful mount for Bran to get around. Bran’s own legs do not work due to injuries suffered from a Lannister pushing him out of a castle window.


Like all the other Starks, Bran also raised a Dire Wolf. He named his Summer. The official miniature listed as Summer by CMON is below, but he is painted as Grey Wind. Again, I see no issue with reversing the two Wolves or just going with them painted in non-traditional colours.

A Song of Ice and Fire Painted Stark Miniatures - Wolf
This is Summer painted as Grey Wind. A very nice looking miniature.
Summer Miniature Dire Wolf by CMON
Another look at Summer.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick Showcase of Stark Miniatures. In this part one of the Stark Family Characters, we looked at Robb, Bran, Hodor, Summer and Grey Wind as painted by Ullr’s Table (and photographed by me).

Be sure to check out Part Two of our Stark Showcase as well.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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