You are currently viewing Lannister Miniatures Showcase – Round Up – A Song of Ice and Fire

Lannister Miniatures Showcase – Round Up – A Song of Ice and Fire

This very quick article is a round up of all of our Lannister Miniatures Showcases to date. If you are into A Song of Ice and Fire and like the Lannisters, this article is for you. From this page, you will be able to quickly get to our articles in this four part series.

Without further ado, below are links to the posts on this site showcasing painted Lannister Miniatures.

The Lannister Showcases

All of the pictures below act as links to the related article. Hopefully you find something you enjoy here.

Showcase of painted Lannister Miniatures from CMON's A Song of Ice and Fire
This one has got to be one of my favourite showcases in this series. In this article, we have… Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Tyroin Lannister and Gregor Clegane (aka – The Mountain). Each mini has a bit of text with it describing the character. Personally, I like Tyroin and the Cersei model looks great! Link.
A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Throne Painted Miniatures Showcase
Our second Lannister Article features… Tyrion Lannister (in battle), an Assault Veteran, the Guard Captain and Maester Pycelle. Link.
A Showcase of A Song of Ice and Fire Character Miniatures
This link is to my other favourite Lannister Article. In this post, we look at… A Mounted Gregor Clegane (The Mountain), Sandor Clegane, the Sandor Clegane (Alternative Sculpt), and Tywin Lannister. Tywin specifically is a very sharp looking miniature. Link.
A Song of Ice and Fire Lannister Miniature Showcase
This showcase article features… The High Sparrow, Gregor Clegane (The Mountain), and Jaime Lannister. Link.

Wrapping it up…

This article concludes our Lannister Series of the miniatures painted by Ullr’s Table. In the future, I will give the Starks the exact same treatment. Overall, these are pretty good looking models and they seem to be picking up steam and popularity in my area. I believe that Forbes Hobbies has a bunch of these miniatures for anyone looking in the Kitchener / Waterloo / Cambridge area (Ontario, Canada).

Special thanks goes out to Rob of Ullr’s Table for allowing me to photograph these miniatures that he painted on commission for a client.

Unitl next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Lannister Miniatures - A Song of Ice and Fire - Game of Thrones
All of the Lannister Models from our showcases in a single picture.


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