You are currently viewing Trey Parker (Creator of South Park) Plays Blood & Plunder!!!

Trey Parker (Creator of South Park) Plays Blood & Plunder!!!

Check it out!!! That is Trey Parker (creator of South Park and The Book of Mormon) – wearing the orange shirt, and Adrien Beard (the voice of Token) playing Blood & Plunder, a miniatures game! Trey sent this picture to my contact at Firelock Games and apparently they love the game!!! How Cool is that!

For those that don’t know, Blood & Plunder is a 32mm historical pirate game based in the Caribbean Sea. The rules are lots of fun, but what I like best is the look of the game and the tall ships.

All images in this post are used with permission from Firelock Games.

Blood & Plunder 32mm Galleon
This is the largest ship in Blood & Plunder – the Galleon. It is on my wish list, but I own a lot of the smaller ships instead.
Blood & Plunder Bark
The Bark is one of the newer ships to Blood & Plunder, and it happens to be a small one. I would like one of these for my Spanish force to use as a Militia ship for coastal patrols.
Tartana 32mm miniature terrain ship for Blood & Plunder
This cool looking ship is the Tartana. It is the newest ship by Firelock Games.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick post. I just thought it was so cool when I saw the guys from South Park playing Blood & Plunder that I had to share it. Now, let’s go a plundering!!!

Cartman as a Pirate
Gotta Love Cartman!!! “We drink and we pillage and we do what we please. We get all we want for free…”
Trey Parker plays the miniatures game Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games
Trey Parker and Adrien Beard playing Blood & Plunder. How would you like to be gaming with those two?! I think it would be a blast!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

As a note, a copy of this quick article by me also appears on Bell of Lost Souls

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  1. BDub

    How awesome ist that?

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      It’s absolutely awesome! I’ve got to get a game in myself. Not everything is painted, so I have been using what is ready so far in Frostgrave.

      1. RudGrl

        Omg, super cool! Trey is such an inspiration to me ?

        1. Jacob Stauttener

          Agreed. Very cool! Thanks for the comment RudGrl.

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