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Black Sun Miniatures Game Releases

This week Crucible Crush announced the arrival of their Black Sun rule books. The company is now preparing orders and taking sales for their Black Sun Miniatures Game. Personally, I really wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Black Sun Starter Bundle. It looks good to me.

In it, you get a physical and PDF copy of the rule book along with a free figure, 10 US Army miniatures, 10 Adaro figures, a 3 scenario mini-campaign fold out and 20 damage markers. Right now, Crucible Crush is offering this Starter Bundle for $129 Canadian. In today’s currency, that is $96 American and the box comes with free shipping.

While the sale is currently considered a pre-sale, Crucible Crush has the books an materials in their possession now. Hopefully that means that they will be shipped out soon.

Black Sun the Miniatures Game arrives at Crucible Crush.
The Black Sun Miniatures Game rule book arrives at Crucible Crush. It shouldn’t be too ling before this is in the hands of gamers everywhere.

As a note, I linked above to some of the stories already on Must Contain Minis. These links are to provide samples of miniatures by Crucible Crush for the related faction in Black Sun. I do not know if those are the exact minis that will be in the Starter Set.

Sample Pictures

All of the pictures and video in this post come from Crucible Crush.

Now, let’s take a look at some images of the Black Sun Miniatures Game.

28mm Vietnam War American Miniatures with a Helicopter
A group of American Soldiers head for cover after being dropped off by their helicopter.
Black Sun Miniatures Game status tokens in use.
A group of American Soldiers during play-testing. Those wounds markers come in the Black Sun Miniatures Game Starter Bundle. Nice!
A play test image of Black Sun Miniatures Game by Crucible Crush.
Another image from play-testing. This time, the American Soldiers get hit with a blast weapon.
A play test image of troops moving trough the jungle.
Another group gently moves through the jungle foliage during play-testing.
Cthulhu in the Vietnam War 28mm gaming - Black Sun Miniatures Game by Crucible Crush
I think one of the big draws about a game like Black Sun the Miniatures Game is getting to draw in Cthulhu elements in what might otherwise be a historical game.

Most of the images above come from Crucible Crush’s Facebook Page.

More About Black Sun

The Black Sun the Miniatures Game uses the same gaming engine as Mad Dogs with Guns and Flint and Feather. Now, these rules will be altered from the other systems, but the basic concepts still seem to remain. Below is a YouTube video by Crucible Crush showing how the game plays.

A game play video for those interested in learning more about Black Sun.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick post. Its purpose is to draw attention to the game for those that might be interested. If you are interested in small skirmish games of 28mm Vietnam, or want to take weird elements into the Vietnam War, than this might be a game for you to look into further.

Thanks goes out again to Crucible Crush for letting Must Contain Minis to use their images, and if you haven’t checked out their Black Sun the Miniatures Game Starter Bundle, give it a look.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Eveyone!!!

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