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The Amazing First Mechs of BattleTech

Ever wonder what the first Mechs of the BattleTech universe looked like? With the BattleTech Proliferation Cycle Boxed Set, there is no guessing.

Sure, the art and representation of these mechs may have changed throughout the years, but Catalyst Game Labs’ representation of these miniatures is truly great. In this post, we take a close look at those miniatures.

Box Contents – BattleTech’s Proliferation Cycle

Here’s what you’ll find in the Proliferation Cycle Pack:

Miniatures of the Proliferation Cycle Box Set for BattleTech


A sturdy Mech with a rich history, the Battleaxe is a workhorse on the battlefield.

The Battleaxe
The back of the miniature


Representing House Steiner, the Ymir combines firepower and durability.

Miniature review of BattleTech's Proliferation Cycle - This is the Ymir miniature
Back of the figure


A sleek and agile ‘Mech, the Coyotl hails from House Kurita.

BattleTech's Coyotl miniature
Back of the Coyotl miniature


House Marik’s Firebee excels at hit-and-run tactics.

The Firebee
A side shot


A versatile ‘Mech, the Gladiator serves House Davion well.

The Gladiator
Back of the Mech

Icarus II

House Liao’s Icarus II boasts impressive jump capabilities.

The Icarus II - BattleTech
Back of the Miniature


The very first BattleMech ever unleashed by the Terran Hegemony, the Mackie is a true legend.

BattleTech's first Mech - The Mackie
BattleTech's first Mech - The Mackie back of the miniature

I must admit that I am really enjoying these miniatures by Catalyst Game Labs. They look so awesome.

The Box and Product Description

Below is a shot of the box with the Mechs nicely in there. I actually store my miniatures in the box as the formed plastic of the package keeps them pretty safe in there.

Product shot of the box.

On the opposite side of the box is a description of the product. Oh yes, there is a download code for a digital book too, but I haven’t used mine yet.

Back of the Proliferation Cycle boxed set.


In 2439 the Terran Hegemony unleashed the Mackie—the first BattleMech—setting off an arms race across the Inner Sphere. The Proliferation Cycle anthology tells the story of how all six Houses employed force of arms, infiltrations and espionage to field cutting-edge new ’Mechs of their own. The volume also includes the story of the first Clan OmniMech.

This companion ForcePack includes all seven original ’Mechs, which can be fielded on any game table using the rules from Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras. No assembly required—includes seven MechWarrior pilot cards and seven Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action!

· 7 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) miniatures
· 7 MechWarrior Cards
· 7 Alpha Strike cards

Record Sheets can be found at

Product Description from the Catalyst Games Web Store
Alpha Strike Cards come in the box

On top of the Mechs, you also get a number of cards for BattleTech: Alpha Strike. If you rather the other version of BattleTech, here is a link to their downloads page. There are free record sheets that can be found there for these Mechs.

Wrapping it up…

Whether you play BattleTech Alpha Strike or the classic hex-based BattleTech Game, these miniatures are a fine addition to your collection.

BattleTech Proliferation Cycle Miniatures Review

I am looking forward to getting these minis on the tabletop.

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Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    Battletech doesn’t tickle my fancy, but these look rather nice!

    Also, hi Jacob!

  2. Andrés F.

    (By the way, I wanted to comment on some older articles of yours, for example the Wargames Atlantic one, but comments work weird on your blog. Often I cannot even see the comments box; at other times I see my comments approved & posted on the PC but not on mobile, or viceversa. This doesn’t happen on any other blog I visit…)

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hi Andres. Thanks for letting me know. I will have to look into this at some time. That is strange.

  3. mithril2098

    Bit of a correction..

    The Battleaxe is a Davion Design, its first home grown design
    The Ymir is a steiner design, their first home grown mech
    The Coyotl is actually a clan coyote design, it was the first omnimech
    The Firebee is the Liao/capellan confederation’s first home grown mech design
    The Gladiator is the first home grown Kurita/Draconis Combine mech
    The Icarus II is the Free Worlds League’s first mech design
    And of course the Mackie is the very first mech ever, developed by the Terran Hegemony but copied by all the other factions shortly after.

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