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Building the Mighty Primaris Repulsor Executioner for Warhammer 40K

In this post, I show you some pictures from when I was building my Primaris Rupulsor Executioner for Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop.

The Repulsor Executioner for Warhammer 40K Space Marines

Space Marines Primaris Repulsor Executioner Review

There are a couple of different builds that you can do with this model in that you can swap out the main weapon in the turret.

Back of the box. There are two variants you can build of this miniature

Do you want the Laser or Plasma variant? Either works. The Heavy Laser Destroyer is better against high toughness monsters, heroes and vehicles while the Macro Plasma Incinerator is great at incinerating high save throw troops. I went with the heavy laser destroyer option to better take on heavy opponents.

Further down, I will mention a couple of ways that you could build and swap out the weapon options as you go.

The two weapons for the turret.

On top of the two heavy weapons, this machine has a ton of defensive fire options against smaller targets. Want more? It carries troops too!

The Build

This model is a fairly easy yet involved build. Why is it involved? There are a lot of pieces to put together. Personally, I enjoyed building this tank better than the Brutalis and Redemptor Dreadnoughts. Those two are a more difficult build than this model.

Building the Space Marine Repulsor Executioner

I started with the hull and then moved to the Turret and other weapons systems.

Work In Progress Space Marine APC / Heavy Tank by Games Workshop

The pieces went together fairly quickly. I found this to be a fun and light build of a project.

Clamping the Space Marine Primaris Repulsor Executioner parts together to make the build easier.

I used clamps and clothes pins to help keep the larger guns together as the glue dried.

As I mentioned earlier, I built mine with the Heavy Laser Destroyer, but you could very easily magnetize this miniature to be either the Plasma or Laser variant at your will.

Not into magnetizing? If you don’t glue the bottom of the turret, you could rely on gravity to keep the turret together, build both weapons and switch them out for whatever game you wish. I took this approach when I built the model, and it did work, but I prefer to have my miniatures glued together so I sealed up that turret with some Limonene (which works pretty much as Plastic Cement).

Wrapping it up…

Overall, I really enjoyed building this Primaris Repulsor Executioner. It makes a splendid addition to my Space Marine army. Here is a quick article about painting up the Marines.

My Space Marine Army waiting for some paint

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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