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Painting a New Batch of Space Marines in 2024 with Excitement

In this post I give you an update on the new batch of Space Marines I am painting in 2024. In my last post, I talked about priming them. Now, I tossed some paint on them.

The approach I am taking with these miniatures is different than the one from that earlier tutorial. For this batch of miniatures, I am following an edge highlighting method found in the new Space Marines Codex. It looks great so far, but takes so much more time than basecoat, shade, highlights (if desired).

Painting Space Marines in 2024 - Games Workshop and Warhammer 40K

For the first steps of the armour, I used Citadel Base Macragge Blue, Citadel Colour Layer Calgar Blue and Citadel Shade Nuln Oil. The Nuln Oil I use often and the Macragge Blue I used today is actually from my How to Paint Space Marines Tutorial from four years ago. It is still good! I did not expect that.

I started by spray painting the minis with Macragge Blue Primer. I then painted any missed spots with Citadel Base Macragge Blue to give the minis a good overall blue colour. I then applied the Nuln Oil directly to the recesses of the armour, instead of over the entire model. To finish the armour, I edge highlight all of the panels and raised areas with Calgar Blue.

My first test with Edge highlighting

On the right, is just the spray painted mini touched up with the matching Base Layer Paint. The mini in the middle has Nuln Oil applied. You can see it really well in the recesses of the legs. You will see the difference even better on the back of the mini. Finally, the mini to the right has the Calgar Blue applied to the edges. Don’t worry, it is easy to clean up when you apply too much. I stepped that highlighting back later.

The differences between each model is more apparent on the back side of the miniatures.

Here they are from the back. Again, the order is the same as the earlier photo. On the right, all three paints. In the middle, the shade and the base layer. On the right, just the base coat & Primer.

That Intllab Vortex Mixer in the back right of this shot still works to shake paint. Albeit, not as well as when I first reviewed it in 2021. Its price has come down a lot, and for me, it is nearing time to replace it.

Paint Recipe for painting space marines in 2024... Citadel Macragge Blue for base, Nuln Oil for Shade, Calgar Blue for highlights.

I place the paints to the right of each model to make which step used on each miniature more apparent.

These models are a Warhammer 40K Space Marines as a Work in Progress (WIP). Some of the minis, I took a step further and started to paint their weapons with Citadel Abaddon Black.

Painting the weapons black

Sorry for the dark photo. I like to paint on white paper towel, but the white throws the colour balance off on my camera. Here is the group once the highlights and black paint dried.

An overtop view of the minis

In this group of Space Marine miniatures, there are all three of the Primaris Dreadnaughts, a Desolation Squad and an Infernus Squad. Below is another shot of the group from a different angle.

Some Dreadnaughts and Space Marines painted by edge highlights.

My Space Marines Army So Far…

To get a jump start on my Space Marines, I’ve bought some Combat Patrols, Levithan and a number of individual kits. The size of this army is expanding quickly.

Building models is my favourite part of the hobby, so I have plenty of grey miniatures. Today, I am just going to show you the Space Marines with various amounts of paint on them.

All of my painted space marines so far.

Here are the ones that I’ve started, and the completed ones in the middle I painted during 9th Edition. With 10th Edition here, I decided to get more involved with my Warhammer 40K collection.

The Space Marine minis I painted in 2020 vs those I painted in 2024. Keep in mind that the 2024 ones are a Work in Progress.

The style is certainly different between my previously painted minis and this new batch of them. It will be interesting to see how the two styles compare as I get more work done on this new batch of minis.

Edge highlighted Space Marine Armour.

You can see above that I cleaned up the shoulders of the initial Infernus Marine that I showed you earlier in the article.

My three Primaris Dreadnaughts

Those Dreadnaughts in the back row I am having a lot of fun with so far. I am looking forward to seeing how they look once I am done.

I will post more updates about this army as the project comes along.

Wrapping it up…

With the coming of 10th Edition 40K, I’ve really jumped into collecting Space Marines. So far, I have bought Levithan, Combat Patrol: Blood Angels, Combat Patrol: Dark Angels, The Vanguard Task Force (when it was known as a Start Collecting set), and a number of individual kits too.

I feel like I own more than enough Marines, but I still feel the urge to collect more.

For Sci-Fi armies potentially usable in 40K, I now own Ultra Marines, Tyranids and Proxy Guards (aka Astra Militarum). Oddly enough, these three armies (Ultra Marines, Imperial Guards and Tyranids) were the exact same armies I owned years back when I collected Warhammer 40K from 2004 to 2008. Funny how sometimes things go full circle.

Are there other Games Workshop / Warhammer minis I am excited about? Yes!

I am really loving my Space Marine collection and want to acquire more. I am also interested in Imperial Agents (specifically Imperial Breachers, Arbites miniatures and Inquisitors) and some friends have been encouraging me to look into an Imperial Knight. They do look cool!

On top of that, Age of Sigmar 4th Edition is coming out soon. I will be watching that with interest, but I don’t plan to jump in at this time.

I’ve been following the latest news on that Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K on the Warhammer Community website.

Thank you for spending some time with me to chat about Space Marines and to look at my Work in Progress.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    Hey Jacob!

    Interesting to see you jumping on the 40K bandwagon (or at least, doubling down) at a time when GW has been called out on some questionable marketing tactics. And you going with Space Marines, of all possibilities…! 🙂

    Not judging, mind you. I just find it curious. The heart wants what it wants, after all! But it’s hard to argue GW needs more coverage 😉

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hey Andres. Thanks for commenting. Always like seeing your thoughts on the site.

      I jumped in fairly far with 10th with my Space Marines. When the rules were free, I planned to run three armies. Now that they are behind a paywall again, I’ll be doing just Space Marines for 40K and run my proxy guard and Tyranids in One Page Rules instead.

      Still collecting a lot and plan to do some things with Osprey, WGA, WizKids, BattleTech and ParaBellum. What games are you playing lately?

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