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WizKid’s ‘Pathfinder Battles’ Adds Detailed Gods of Lost Omens Minis

Choose your character and get started on a new Pathfinder adventure with these pre-painted Gods of Lost Omens minis from WizKids!

While I focus primarily on miniatures games, I love miniatures of all sorts. In this post, I am quickly going to unbox the Pathfinder Battles: Gods of Lost Omens miniatures by WizKids. Opinions on the quality of WizKids pre-paints vary, but it can be a treat not to have to paint the figures, especially if you just want to get gaming quickly or painting isn’t your favorite part of the hobby.

Looking at the Box

Pathfinder Battles Gods of Lost Omens

As you would expect from WizKids, these minis are nicely packaged in a protective box with a window, so you know exactly what you’re getting. The back of the box tells you who all of the miniatures are, but I focus simply on the quality of the minis in the box.

Gods of Lost Omens back of the box

What’s in the Box – A Closer Look at The Miniatures

Starting off, here is Sarenrae. I really like this mini and the job they did on the wings.

Sarenrae miniature

The back of the figure shows off those wings, too.

Flying Angel Goddess Miniature

The second winged Goddess here is Desna. Personally, I haven’t figured out how to paint the clear plastic yet, but this looks good to go.

Fae type miniature - Gods of Lost Omens review
Back of the model

Here we have Gorum.

War God Miniature - Gorum by Pathfinder Battles and WizKids

This mini is Abadar. I like the detailing inside of the cape.

Gods of Lost Omens Abadar

Not a bad mini at all. If I were painting it, I would add a little more shade and highlighting, but for right out of the box this is nice.

Another look at the mini

Meet Shelyn. Those are truly the eyes of a goddess. I find that WizKids does the eyes right, which is something I struggle with myself. Not sure what they use to get them like that, but the eyes are way better than a lot of starting painters can do.

Goddess of beauty and love from the Gods of Lost Omens miniatures pack by WizKids
A look from the side

I find it fun that the hair is multicolored with some blonde, brown, and green in there.

Lovely hair on this miniature

Finally, we have Calistria. Another good-looking model that you don’t need to do any work to make it tabletop ready.

Calistria miniature for Pathfinder

Comparing the Pre-Paints to My Own Work

The number one thing I hear polarizing people on the web about these WizKids models is what they think of the paint jobs on the figures. For those of you who like painting, WizKids has an incredible line of unpainted miniatures. To compare Angels to Angels, I showcase the two winged miniatures in this set to an angel I painted years ago.

Comparing WizKids miniatures to figures I painted

I think the WizKids models have a cleaner look to them, while mine (in the middle) has some more dynamic range to catch the eye. That said, it took me hours to paint that angel, and the Winged Goddesses on the left and right were painted right out of the box!

I really like the pre-painted wings on the far-right miniature. They look sharp.

The backs of the models

Scale Comparison

If you play RPG games like Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, then these minis are already sized to go along with your other miniatures. For those of you into other games, here they are alongside an old Stormcast Eternal.

Scale comparison of Pathfinder Battles Gods of Lost Omens to Age of Sigmar

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was quick and focused on showcasing some pre-painted WizKids miniatures. If you want miniatures that are ready to go out of the box with no painting needed, WizKids is the first company that comes to mind. They are well worth a look!

If you want to find them, check the WizKids store, over on Amazon [affiliate link], or your favorite retailer.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this unboxing.

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!