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Kingdom & Empire by Hardsix Gaming

I just came across a new game (Kingdom & Empire) by a Canadian company I never heard of (Hardsix Gaming). When I went to the Ragnarok 2022 gaming convention, I came across a booth of theirs at the event.

At the booth, I chatted to Lor, the Business Director and Game Designer at Hardsix Gaming. It was really interesting to talk to one of the people behind the game to learn all about it. I learned about how the game will bring in four factions to start, and listened to details about the world and the games concepts. The number of factions will grow as the game grows.

Hardsix Gaming Kingdom & Empire table display at Ragnarok 2022
Some of the information and artwork at the Hardsix Gaming table showing off Kingdom & Empire.

A Little Bit About Kingdom & Empire

Kingdom & Empire is a 36mm skirmish game where the highlight to me are these pilotable medieval mechs. During the game, your pilot can even get out of the mech and hope back in. That sounds cool! The game itself is played on a 4′ by 4′ table.

Fantasy and Steampunk Mechs
Here are two different mechs with their pilots beside them. The mechs are taller than GW Dreadnaughts, and I love the idea of hoping in and out of battle mechs during a game.

Each faction is designed with a different focus in mind. The two on the left have a medieval look to them. The two on the right are more Steampunk. Steampunk, I like Steampunk. On top mechs, foot soldiers are also a part of the game.

Hardsix Gaming Miniatures
Kingdom & Empire by Hardsix Gaming is not just about mechs. There are soldiers too.

At the booth, Hardsix Gaming was showing off the minis from two factions. These minis are available for online purchase and were also available at the event.

More Pictures of the Minis

While you look at these pictures, please keep in mind that I was taking them through a display case, so they are not my best photographs. That said, the minis looked pretty cool. I really hope that some of their quality shows through in these pictures.

Hardsix Gaming Knight miniature
The sample miniatures were very well painted. I was taking the pictures through glass, so the images don’t do justice for the minis.
A Blackship Raiders Privateer by Hardsix Gaming for Kingdom & Empire
This one looks like they are carrying some sort of gun knife. Very cool!
Kingdom & Empire Imperial Legionnaire Unit
Some serious hand to hand fighters.
A Kingdom & Empire Mech and Pilot.
The Steampunk mech and pilot. So cool!
A Missionary MK II Praetorian miniature - Kingdom & Empire by Hardsix Gaming.
One of the medieval mechs. This things are taller than Warhammer 40K Dreadnaughts. I cut off a part of the head due to the display bar. I should have ducked down more while taking these pictures. 🙂

At this point, the rules are not ready, but the Hardsix Gaming already has the miniatures available for sale. If you are interested in the minis, perhaps you could buy them and wait for the rules, or you could also potentially use them as either proxy miniatures or miniatures for miniatures agnostic games (such as those by Osprey Games).

Now, let’s wrap up this article.

Wrapping it up…

I had a lot of fun checking out the Hardsix Gaming booth at Ragnarok 2022. I think the minis look neat and I really like the concept of mech pilots jumping in and out of their suits of armour to pick up objectives. For more pictures of Kingdom & Empire, check out the Hardsix Gaming Facebook Page.

Before seeing them at this gaming convention, I think I only heard of Hardsix Gaming once before, and I did not look into them out that deeply. Seeing them at this event gave me the opportunity to learn more about them. That is one of the things that I love about in person gaming conventions – actually talking to the vendors and game designers.

For a list of all the miniatures gaming conventions that I know of in Ontario (Canada), check out my upcoming gaming conventions in Ontario page.

Hardsix Gaming is a North American company out of Canada. They are now listed on the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Conventions Page.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!