Blood & Plunder: Spanish Marineros Showcase

Blood & Plunder: Spanish Marineros Showcase

Some time ago, my friend hired Bill Kocher of Phoenix Games and Hobbies to paint up some miniatures for me. This article is a quick showcase of some of those minis. Specifically, we are taking a look at the Blood & Plunder Spanish Marineros by Firelock Games.

Before continuing, I would like to disclose that Firelock games sent me these miniatures for review purposes and they are gorgeous. 

Now, Bill did a quick job on these guys as I needed them for the Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago table that I ran at Broadsword 5. While he painted them with speed, he also did a fantastic job on them.

Spanish Marineros Unit

Blood & Plunder Spanish Marineros Unit Painted
This is what you get from Firelock Games if you purchase a blister pack of the Spanish Marineros. Mine happened to come in a Spanish Nation Starter Set.

The miniatures above represent the four different miniatures of the Spanish Marineros Unit. My favourite of the group has got to be that guy second from the left with a pistol and sword in hand. When things go bad, he has a knife too in his belt.

Marinero Miniature Firelock Games
Personally I think this guy looks like the leader of the group. In my Ghost Archipelago game, I made him the Heritor of the group.

This next guy kind of reminds me of someone from a film. Am I the only person that sees the resemblance?

Blood & Plunder Marineros Miniature by Firelock Games
What a cool mini. He really reminds me of Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

This guy is on the hunt and well armed. If he is after you, run!!!!

Spanish Marineros Miniatures Review / Showcase
A Marineros miniature armed with an Axe, Sword and Pistol.

The final guy kind of looks like me in that we have the same haircut.  🙂

Bald Miniature armed with a blackpowder pistol and sword.
This guy means business. Do not get in his way.

Wrapping it up

Overall, this is a great looking set of miniatures by Firelock Games for Blood & Plunder. This is the second part in my showcase series of the miniatures in the Spanish Nationality Starter Set.

As a side note, I finally got all of my photography gear out for the first time since the move and does it ever feel good. The difference in lighting really shines through with better pictures.

Special thanks goes out to Firelock Games for sending me these miniatures, Cigar Box Battle Mats for sending me their Muddy Barren mat that I used as a backdrop and to my friend who hired Bill Kocher of Phoenix Games and Hobbies to paint these Historical Spanish miniatures. 

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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