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Work In Progress – Showdown at Retribution

In this post, I am working on some minis from Showdown at Retribution. This is the new two player starter set for Wild West Exodus. As part of the Global Gunslinger League, I have been working on the Enlightened miniatures from this boxed set.

For those not familiar with the Global Gunslinger League, I wrote a post about it here. Basically, it is a contest on OnTableTop to produce Wild West Exodus Projects content on their website. There is still time to join if you wish.

You can use this link to find my project page on their website for Wild West Exodus: Showdown at Retribution. If you are a member and like my work, please give it some votes too.

Now, let me show you some of my work in progress shots of the Enlightened faction in this two player starter set of Wild West Exodus.

Work In Progress Photos – Wild West Exodus – Showdown at Retribution

Showdown at Retribution Enlightened miniatures on the paint table
A shot of my work desk. For this project, all the paints, pallets and primers are by The Army Painter. I am really liking working with this stuff. If you want to work with it too, I find a vortex mixer really helps with shaking up these paints.

The Mono-Cav

A Mono-Cav
I gave the Mono Cav a base coat of Rough Iron with some Gun Metal for the tubes and guns.
Base coating minis from Wild West Exodus Showdown at Retribution
I then painted the wheel Black, hit the flesh with Necrotic Flesh and painted the windows to the tank on the back a bright green.

The Spider-Cav

My favorite models of the group have to be the Spider Cav models.

Gun Metal cover the bodies of the Spider-Cavs
These models I base coated with Gun Metal.
Slowly I paint up the minis from this starter set
And gave the skin and tank the same treatment as I gave the Mono Cav.

Construct Cavalry

The Construct Cavalry models are looking good so far, but would have been so much easier to paint before I pasted the rider to the iron horse.

A Construct Cavalry from Wild West Exodus Showdown at Retribution
This model is still in the works, but I am getting the base colors on. Once I get the base coat, shading and highlighting on the miniatures, they will look pretty good.

Emily Nouguier

Repair tech miniature for Wild West Exodus Showdown at Retribution
I still have a lot of work to do to Emily, but I figured that I would give her leather work pants.

Gustave Eiffel – The Enlightened Leader in Showdown at Retribution

Gustave Eiffel being painted
While I had the leather out, I painted the back of Gustave Eiffel’s chair.

Smash & Grab – Creation XIX

Smash and Grab the miniature
So far, I painted just the flesh on this monstrous creation.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in looking at my work in progress photos of my Enlightened faction miniatures. All of the miniatures above come from the new two player starter set for Wild West Exodus set called “Showdown at Retribution.”

If Wild West Exodus interests you, be sure to visit the game’s official website too. There is a lot of content there including free rules for the game.

Thanks goes out to The Army Painter for supplying me with paint and wet pallet I used on these figures. They sent me these items for an earlier review. They work really well. You can check out my unboxing and packing away review of the paints here. I find they work pretty good and even better when you pair them up with a vortex mixer. Check my vortex mixer review here.

Finally, special thanks goes out to OnTableTop for sending me these miniatures to participate in their Global Gunslinger League. Don’t forget to visit my project page there.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!