You are currently viewing Unboxing Wild West Exodus – 2 Player Starter Set

Unboxing Wild West Exodus – 2 Player Starter Set

Join me in unboxing Wild West Exodus Showdown at Retribution in my newest YouTube video. In this video, I show you exactly what Warcradle Studios packed away in this brand new two player starter set.

On YouTube, I titled this the absolute best unboxing of Wild West Exodus – Showdown at Retribution because so much effort went into it. I even worked with a video editor for my first time. You can watch that video below. If the video does not work, try this link here.

Unboxing Wild West Exodus’s 2 Player Starter Set – Showdown at Retribution.

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If you use the links labelled as affiliate, a portion of the purchase price goes back to Must Contain Minis at no extra cost to you.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me for today’s post looking at the new two player starter set for Wild West Exodus. I hope that you enjoyed it.

Right now I am working on painting up the Enlightened side of the box.

For those wondering who I had editing the video, it is Dave Mann of Highland Media. He is available for hire at… [email protected].

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!