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Oak & Iron Kickstarter Preview

It is a great time to be a gamer. There are so many interesting upcoming releases and Kickstarter projects. Among the many potential projects that has captured my eye is Oak & Iron. This post is our second about the new game by Firelock Games. The biggest news since our first preview post is that the guys set the Kickstarter date for this project to November 7th, 2018.

In preparation for the Kickstarter Release, Firelock Games has started leaking out information about this 1/600th scale naval miniatures game set in the age of piracy. I actually had the pleasure of releasing one of the preview pictures yesterday as an exclusive over on Bell of Lost Souls. That image is a rendering of a 5th Rate Ship for the game. The other images sent to me by Firelock Games are in this post. We will keep the 5th Rank Ship exclusive to Bell of Lost Souls. 🙂

Aside from some images of the game, I want to share a video by Beasts of War (OnTableTop). They actually got to try the new game with the designer, Mike Tunez. Below is that video embedded from Youtube.

Update – November 7, 2018: Oak & Iron is now Live on Kickstarter – Related Article

More Sample Pictures

Aside from the picture of the 5th Rate Ship, my contact at Firelock Games sent along a few more images.

Preview image of Oak and Iron ships - Kickstarter by Firelock Games
Check out these beautiful ships. These are the prototype miniatures for Oak & Iron. I am glad that Firelock Games plans to mount these on clear acrylic bases when the product is finally released. While the final minis may be subject to change, what they are working on is beautiful!
Oak & Iron Game Components - Pre-prototype preview of Oak & Iron by Firelock Games - Kickstarter
This is a pre-prototype picture of some of the game’s components. Like Blood and Plunder, I am expecting some high quality products out of this Kickstarter.
Oak & Iron Kickstarter Preview
This was Firelock Games “teaser” image for Oak & Iron. Everything here is looking beautiful so far!

Game Description

Firelock Games has described Oak & Iron as follows…

Oak & Iron is a 1/600th scale naval game set in the age of piracy, imperial expansion, and above all, fighting sail. It allows players to recreate battles between small fleets and squadrons of armed sailing ships. The game is designed to be simple and intuitive while also challenging players by providing significant tactical depth, being true to the theme and tactics of the period, and supplying significant flavor for the various factions represented in the game.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the developments and news for this game, Firelock Games has set up a page were you can sign up for their game related newsletter.

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Wrapping it Up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick Kickstarter Preview article. I will say that I am a fan of Blood and Plunder, and I am really looking forward to seeing Oak & Iron develop into a cool game!!!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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