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Beautiful Scenes by Monster Fight Club and Hiking

In this post, I look at more scenery by Monster Fight Club and veer right off the path. In addition to discussing their terrain, I will let you in a bit more into my life. I discuss one of my other hobbies – hiking and walking. I also talk a little bit about coyotes and the coywolf.

In the article, I tie the discussion together by talking about how in both hiking and wargaming you can see beautiful sights and scenes. Another way the two tie together is that many of Monster Fight Club’s stretch goals happen to be miniatures of wildlife.

As a note, all of the pictures in this post all come from the Monster Fight Club Facebook Page and their Ice Wilds Kickstarter page.

The Great Out Doors

As a person, I try to stay active. When possible, it is good to get in at least 30-minutes a day of activity (or more). I aim to do this. I am not too into sports, so I look for other activities. One activity I really like is walking.

I live near a large park within a mid-sized city. Pre-COVID, I would walk through there often. They have a nice wooded path. That path is just the right length for an hour long walk from my place, through a loop, and back home.

Since COVID, my activity levels are down. I do not go out as much as I would like and I started to take city sidewalks instead of the park simply because there is more room for social distancing than on the paths. I also find that often I have to force myself more to go out.

Beautiful scenes for wargaming and Role Playing Games by Monster Fight Club.
When I saw this picture, it reminded me of the beautiful places I went hiking lately. I just had to share this photo with my readers. Imagine this on your wargaming table.

Lately I started travelling short distances to other walking locations. There I do short 4KM to 6KM hikes together with my wife. This is a new development and I am really enjoying getting out for these treks with Mrs. Must Contain Minis.

I find something rejuvenating about walking through a wooded area.

Changing Colours

Where I live, Autumn runs September 22 to December 21. This means that the leaves of our trees are turning colour and the days get cooler. This will continue until we see snow. In Canada, we get a lot of snow, so it is best to enjoy the outdoors before it is covered in a blanket of snow and ice.

Beautiful Scenes - Autumn wargaming terrain
A beautiful autumn scene on a table full of Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds terrain. This table contains 20 kits. That is a lot of kits, but it looks amazing!

Soon it will be winter and sometimes our snow comes early. It won’t be long before our outdoors looks like the gaming table below.

Beautiful scenes on a wargaming table. Pre-painted winter gaming terrain for 28mm to 40mm miniatures.
A winter gaming table full of 25 kits worth of terrain from the Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds Kickstarter project. Imagine all the scenes you could set up with that terrain!

When the winter comes, I will have to figure out another plan for my physical activity. It might be hiking still. Maybe I will get into snowshoeing. Most likely, I will find myself shoveling snow.

For now, getting out for some old fashioned footslogging I find very invigorating. The fall is one of the best times to do it in my area. The temperature is just right and lots of animals are out and about.

Spotting Wildlife

Living near a park, I see lots of wildlife near my house. Rabbits, squirrels, and deer are all common sites not far from my place. We also have coyotes, but you generally don’t see them except for once in a while from a distance.

Monster Fight Club included wildlife in their Ice Wilds campaign as stretch goals. The deer you saw earlier is one of the unlocked goals. They also unlocked rabbits, bears and wolves.

Monster Scenery Ice Wild Miniature Rabbits
An unlocked rabbit and dog sled.

Many of the wildlife rewards come with specific terrain purchases. As you see above, the rabbit comes with every Glacial Icefield set. Monster Fight Club will also include the minis below with every shipment.

Monster Fight Club Ice Wilds Free miniatures
A few freebees for backing the Kickstarter Project. Would you use these in your wargames and RPG scenes and set ups?

Back to my dealings with the outdoors, I’ve never come across a wild bear or wolf in my adult life. I saw bears when I was younger, but not recently.

Not long ago though, I saw a coyote so large that I wouldn’t be surprised if people mistake it for a small cougar or mountain lion. I looked it up and I think it was a coywolf. Coywolves are hybrid creatures that bring together the wolf and the coyote.

Meet the Coywolf: Wild Hybrid Animals Documentary by National Geographic. The very last bit of the recording is missing, but overall this a an informative 53-minute video.

I hadn’t seen a coyote that big before, so this was scary to see. That said, it stayed at a distance and carried on with its own business.

Back to Fantasy

Hiking through nature and going through the Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds, you see a number of beautiful scenes. Now, we are heading back to the world of fantasy. Check out how awesome this scenery looks with an ice dragon in the background. Monster Fight Club certainly understands the importance of presentation.

An Ice Dragon on a table with fantastic terrain for role playing games and miniature wargames.
An Ice Dragon along side some snowy hills. One of the many scenes you could set up with this terrain.

Below we have a very unique camp. Have to admit I don’t see polar bear sleds often. I actually can’t recall seeing that any where else before. How about you?

Beautiful Scenes - a unique camp for your role playing game. Perhaps Dungeons and Dragons.
Using many of the new add-ons and unlocks, Monster Fight Club shows us a unique camp with a polar bear pulling a sled.
Miniature dog sled pulled by polar bears
Why stop at one bear leading your dog sled? Why not three? Very fierce!

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this terrain, musing plus kickstarter article. I hope you don’t mind that I jumped around a bit. Compared to my other articles, this one is a bit all over the place. From hiking, to coywolves, to wargaming scenery, I put it all in this article.

If you haven’t checked out the Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds Kickstarter, be sure to take a look before it is over. Using it, you could certainly set up many beautiful scenes for your wargaming table.

If you want more articles about Monster Fight Club, I have a number of them on Must Contain Minis.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!