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Heroic Maps Halloween Sale

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One of the interesting things about my Affiliate Links is that I can tell what products people bought after visiting this website. One of the popular companies that visitors buy products from is Heroic Maps. Knowing this, I want to inform my readers of the Heroic Maps Halloween Sale over on DriveThruRPG. The sale items seem to be the first four items in the Hottest Titles Section, but we also have links to them listed below.

For those that don’t know, Heroic Maps makes 28mm scaled tile maps for RPGs. Many people also use these tiles for Skirmish Games like Frostgrave and other miniatures games. These are computer files that you can print off either at your home or a specialty print shop to produce an instant gaming mat for you and your friends.

If you want to try them out before you buy, they do have a section on the site where they give away small sample maps for free. If you are willing to spend a little money though, below are the items currently on sale.

Multilevel Maps

One of the neat things about their maps is that a couple of the ones on sale represent multiple levels of a structure.

Terrain Tiles for RPGs and Skirmish Gaming
This is Dr. Victor’s Laboratory. It is one of the map sets on sale and as you can see, it has representations for multiple levels of the structure from the basement to the top floor.
Gaming Maps for Cthulhu type games and other miniature and RPG style games
This is The Murder House. It is also part of the sale and represents multiple gaming levels on the table. These could be fun to set up beside each other with the main floor being the primary mat in a Skirmish game of some sort. I am thinking perhaps something Cthulhu based could be fun.  🙂

Single Level Maps

Outside of these multilevel dwellings, the gaming map sale also includes a couple of other maps.

Underground Market Place RPG and Gaming Tiles / Maps
Another spooky destination in this Halloween Sale. This is the Dark Market.
Haunted Paper Gaming Mat
This is one of the four maps that you get with the Haunted Places map set. This item is also included in the Halloween Sale.

These maps are all pretty cool and can be used in your 28mm gaming regardless of whether you play RPGs or Miniatures Games. If you are playing Miniatures Games though, I would recommend that you use these for small scale Skirmish Games as they are likely fairly small for your typical Mass Combat Games.

The Great Castle Bundle Sale

On top of this excellent sale for Halloween, Heroic Maps is also participating in a second sale as well. I have no idea how long this one will last, but you get basically $160 worth of products for just $26 (prices in Canadian Funds). In this bundle, you get four different Heroic Map sets as well as five different 3D Paper Model Sets by Fat Dragon Games and some RPG products by Troll Lord Games.

Great Castle Bundle DriveThruRPG Sale
This sale is massive, you get about $160 worth of files for just $26 (prices are in Canadian).

Not a bad deal at all if you are interested in the products. The savings on just the Heroic Maps alone is well worth the price of the Bundle. Add in the Fat Dragon Games kits and you are laughing!

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this post. My intent was to shine light on some products that might interest our readers. As a reminder, if you buy from one of our affiliate links to DriveThruRPG, you help support this website. About 5% of that money comes back to us to help with our web and time expenses.

Finally, the image below inspired me to write this article. Heroic Maps tend to sell well from this site and when I saw this image, I had to share it with my readers.

Heroic Maps Halloween Sale 2018 DriveThruRPG

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!