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Blood & Plunder – Lanceros Unit Showcase

This post is a quick showcase of a unit of Spanish Lanceros as painted by Bill Kocher of Phoenix Games and Hobbies. A big thank you goes out to Firelock Games for sending me these miniatures for Review – they are beautiful!!! Another thanks goes out to a friend that paid Bill to paint these figures for me. Bill did a splendid job!!!

The Miniatures

Spanish Lancero - Blood and Plunder
A Spanish Lancero braces for impact.
Spanish Lancero
Is he dancing or attacking!? Some nice motion caught in this miniature.
Spanish Lancero Miniature for Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games
Strike high and hope for the best!
Painted Spanish Lancero by Firelock Games
Another Lancero. This one is a repeat because I was sent doubles of each miniature and this was the one that I grabbed for the game I was playing at the time.

Bill did an absolutely awesome job on these miniatures. They look beautiful and are going to be so much fun on the table with my French and Dutch miniatures that are yet to come!

As Painted by Firelock Games

Below is an image of how these miniatures look on Firelock Games’ Webstore. You will notice that one of the poses is different than the miniatures in my showcase above. That is simply because I have 8 Lanceros and chose to use all standing Lanceros when I did the showcase pictures.

Firelock Games Lanceros
The Lanceros as pictured on Firelock Games’ Website.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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