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Keep Your Eyes on the High Seas – Pirates are Coming

Pirates are coming to Kickstarter soon, so be on the look out! That’s right, we here at Must Contain Minis have our eyes on Firelock Games for their Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black Kickstarter Campaign. Raise the Black takes the very successful (and beautiful) miniatures game of Blood & Plunder and combines it with plastic ships and miniatures in 28mm scale.

You no longer need to work with just metal and resin models if you want in on this game. This is very exciting news here folks!

The campaign starts less than a week, so be sure to watch for it. Today I bring to you more preview pictures from this upcoming voyage.

Raise the Black Pictures

Pirates guard their ship while docked at port. 28mm miniature pirate wargaming.
A crew of pirates guarding their heavily armed ship.
Captain Blackbeard and his crew pose in front of their ship. Raise the Black Blood & Plunder Kickstarter Preview image
Blackbeard and his crew are ready to take on all challengers.
Pirates are coming to raid your town. A crew of Blackbeard's pirates raid a small village.
Who says pirates operate just on the high seas? Here they raid through a town.

New Miniatures

We’ve seen some preview images of the miniatures and ships before, but in this post I have a few more to share.

Plastic miniature pirates from the Raise the Black Blood and Plunder Kickstarter campaign
A new crew of 28mm plastic pirates for you to construct.
A render of an upcoming plastic miniature
This soldier charges in to keep the pirates at bay.
Pirates are coming - This pirate believes there is no such thing as too many pistols.
The downside of pistols, you have to reload them. The upside, they are small enough to carry a bunch of them!
A miniature of Anne Bonny - The famous historical female pirate. Miniature Rendering by Firelock Games.
A character miniature of the famous pirate Anne Bonny.

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny is a famous female pirate from the 1700s. If you want to read about her, you can check out Wikipedia, Google and other sources. Black Sails makes Anne Bonny look like an absolute troublemaker with a difficult past. You would be best staying clear of her.

A compilation video of Anne Bonny in Black Sails. She is one tough woman!

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this preview article of Firelock Game’s “Raise the Black” Kickstarter Campaign. Pirates are coming and I can’t help but want to stick around to see what the crew has in store for us. If this interests you, be sure to be watching too!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!