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Team Monster Showcase (Part 1 of 2)

Remember the Team Monster miniatures that I reviewed just last week? Well, I sent those models to a commission painter to see what he would do with them.

I chose Andrew Claessens as the commission painter for these miniatures. He always paints his miniatures to the top level of quality. If you have a model that you want to take to a high level of detail, I find him to be a great painter to reach out to. His high level of attention to detail generates fantastic results every time.

He can be contacted through Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. He is one person in a network of commission painters who Forbes Hobbies can help you find. Andrew also runs his own Carpentry and Renovation Business with an equal level of attention to detail.

Recently Drew sent me some pictures of his first completed miniatures from Team Monster. Let’s take a closer look at those miniatures. In this post, we look specifically at Lucky and Cereal Killer.

Note… unless noted otherwise, Drew Claessens took the photos and painted the miniatures in this post.

Cyberpunk Red Painted Miniature – Lucky

Meet Lucky. Below I included before and after pictures of the miniature.

Lucky - Team Monster - Cyberpunk Red miniature
A look at the unpainted miniature. Lots of details to pick out on this figure. This is how the miniature started. Image from Must Contain Minis Team Monster Miniatures Review.
Cyberpunk Red Miniature painted by Andrew Claessens
Look at how well this mini is turning out. Lots of chunky details to pick out on the model.
Cyberpunk Red Miniature painted by a commission painter from Forbes Hobbies - Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
A side view of the miniature. Drew’s work is absolutely incredible.

Cyberpunk Red Painted Miniature – Cereal Killer

Now, let’s take a look at Cereal Killer.

Monster Fight Club Cyberpunk Red Miniatures
This figure comes on a pair of Roller blades and some sort of Cyberpunk sword. Image from Must Contain Minis Team Monster Miniatures Review.
Painted Team Monster Cyberpunk Red Miniature - Monster Fight Club Miniatures
Look at the level of detail that Drew draws out of the miniature. It looks so good!
Team Monster Painted Miniatures Showcase
The back of the Cereal Killer miniature.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick look at some Team Monster – Cyberpunk Red Miniatures painted by Drew Claessens. For more articles related to these miniatures, check out the list below.

Monster Fight Club is the company that makes these miniatures and they are becoming fairly well known for their terrain. I plan to take a look at some of their terrain in future reviews.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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    The face on that first mini is incredibly well done, both in the sculpting and the painting.

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