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Frostgrave: Which Wizard Should Dave Choose?

Lately I have been gearing up to get in some games of Frostgrave and Konflikt ’47 by Osprey Publishing. An opponent has been lined up for both games and today I am looking at Frostgrave.

I will be using my Necromancer Warband from Lords of War’s Summer Games Day. To face down my Necoromancer and his band of evil cultists, Dave will have to choose which Dwarven Wizard to go with. Since I have a lot of Dwarfs (as seen in an earlier post), Dave has 5 wizards to choose from.

My Necromancer is 9th Level so to even out the playing field a little, I plan to give Dave 6 “free” levels and a number of rolls on the treasure tables. I’ve read somewhere on the web that if the game is played in the way that it is designed (going after treasure rather than total annihilation) then a difference of up to 10 levels should be workable. I am not sure if that is true, so I decided to shrink the gap between the levels down to 3.

Given that I am playing as a Necromancer, what Wizard type do you think Dave should choose? Below are the wizards that Dave has to choose from.

Enchanter, Elementalist, Chronomancer, Thaumaturge, Sigilist, Illusionist and Summoner for Frostgrave

Above are models of Dwarven Wizards that I own. I placed in the picture suggestions for what Wizard type I feel each figure is suitable for. Do you agree? From these five figures, Dave can choose his Wizard and Apprentice. Do you have suggestions for him? These Miniatures are by Reaper Miniatures and RAFM Miniatures.

Which wizard do you think looks the best? Which would you feel comfortable playing against a Necromancer with? Please feel free to leave comments on this Blog Post or over on Facebook. Let’s help make Dave’s decision easier.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!