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Grognard Heavy Weapons Incoming!!! Wargames Atlantic

Looking for proxy Imperial Guard miniatures? Perhaps you have a different Sci-Fi game in mind. Regardless, Wargames Atlantic has an answer that might help you out. Check out these new Grognard Heavy Weapons Teams coming to market soon. They certainly are a cool take on the classic Sci-Fi Heavy Weapons Teams with a semi-historical French feel.

As a note, all of these images come from Wargames Atlantic’s Articles and News section of their website.

Check these guys out…

Proxy Imperial Guards for 40K and other games. Grognard Heavy Weapons Teams.
This looks like an impressive Lascannon to me assigned to an infantry squad.
Grognard Heavy Weapons - Mortar Team for 28mm sci-fi gaming
The Mortar teams were always my favourite when I used to build guards for 40K.
Grognard Heavy Weapons - Tri-barreled Weapon Team
The Tri-Gun. If I were taking this into another game, I think I would use it as a proxy Autocannon.
Grognard Heavy Weapons - Quad Lasers
I don’t think there is a direct correlation between this weapon and something in 40K, but I could envision it being used as a proxy Heavy Bolter.

Wargames Atlantic certainly put out some interesting weapons teams in this release. At this time, these pictures serve just as preview images. The models are not yet available to you or I.

Les Grognards are but one faction of the three currently available from Wargames Atlantic’s Death Field lines. All three factions to date would serve well as proxy Imperial Guard models.

I think younger people know the Impearl Guard as a newer name of some sort, but I still like calling them Guards. 🙂

Les Grognards Heavy Weapons Sprue

These weapons teams certainly look appealing. Wargames Atlantic has even taken it a bit further and shared a picture of the sprue. This plastic frame contains components for both Grognard Heavy Weapons Teams as well as Command options.

Sprue or Plastic Frame of Wargames Atlantic Grognard Heavy Weapons and Support miniatures.
The Grognard Heavy Weapons and Command sprue. Wargames Atlantic apologized for the quality of this photo. It happens to be straight from the factory. Anyhow, it gives us more a hint of what to expect.

Looking close at that Sprue, I see some options not yet announced. I see a medical bag, sniper rifle, and even a sword. There are more options there too that others might not know about. Very exciting!

Wargames Atlantic

For those who don’t know, Wargames Atlantic is a new player in the market of plastic miniatures that should be taken seriously. They offer hard plastic miniatures at value filled prices. The quality of their miniatures is really good too. For a better look at the quality of their figures, check out my Persian Infantry and Afghan Warriors miniature reviews.

Like what you see? Check out the company. You will find them very engaging. They post regularly to their Facebook Page and Facebook Group. They also post news on their own website. That gives you three places to keep up with the company.

Hold on tight too. They preview and tease out a lot of their projects. Below I collected two more pictures I want to share with you.

3D Renders of upcoming 28mm Sci-Fi Lizardmen for miniature wargaming.
A preview of some upcoming Sci-Fi Lizardmen. I wonder if they could be used for fantasy games too.
3D Printed Preview Picture of a Wargames Atlantic model set.
An early prototype 3D printing of the Grognard Heavy Weapons Team with a tri-barreled gun.

If you want a fun and fast moving company to follow, be sure to check out Wargames Atlantic. They keep pumping stuff out at an astonishing rate and their ranges cover Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical lines of gaming and collecting.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this news article about the upcoming Grognard Heavy Weapons and Command box set coming from Wargames Atlantic. These are some stylish weapons here. My personal favourite is the Mortar with the auto-feeder. That is really spiffy!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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