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Free Frostgrave Terrain (and other Resources)

Update… March 29, 2020. If you look now, you can get a free digieewtal copy of Osprey Games’ Frostgrave rules on their website. This is in addition to the terrain mentioned below. I wrote about that over on my article “Free Frostgrave Rules.” Come check that out too!

Earlier this week, I let readers know about an excellent sale of Paper Models by Dave Graffam Models. Over on Bell of Lost Souls, I published an article about why you should get into Frostgrave. To follow those two articles up, I wanted to quickly link readers to free terrain and Frostgrave Resources on Opsrey Publishing’s Website.

For those that don’t know, Osprey Games keeps a number of resources for their games over on their website. The specific ones that I want to draw my reader’s attention to today are the ones for Frostgrave. In addition to having play aids, such as spell cards and wizard sheets, they also have printable terrain. If you are playing Into the Breeding Pits, they have downloadable dungeon tiles that you can print off. For those just playing in the frozen city, they have three different ruin sets (as paper models) that you can download and print off. These resources are all free, making it even easier to get into Frostgrave for beginners.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!