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Saving Miniatures with Army Painter Blood Effect

In this post, we are going to talk quickly about saving broken miniatures with The Army Painter Blood Effect paint. Now, let me set the scene.

You just obtained a used lot of miniatures, and are so excited to get them home!!! You are not too sure what to expect, but you know the painter’s work and know that you like the color scheme already. After you open the miniatures box, you notice that a few of them are broken. After you fix them up, you realize that one of the “unbroken” ones is actually missing a limb! What do you do?

Well, I just went through that exact scenario. These are used miniatures. I obtained them by trade, and there are no hard feelings. I really like the work of the painter who made them and quickly fixed the ones not on their bases. Upon further inspection, I found that one of the other minis was missing a limb. I thought about how to deal with this. After some thought, I decided to experiment with The Army Painter Blood Effect paint. To be specific, it is the Glistening Blood Effects paint that I used to fix the miniature. In this article, I am going to show you the results of that experiment.

For those who prefer video, there is an embedded YouTube video and link to the video version of this at the end of this article.

Now, on to the meat of the article!!!

The Missing Limb

To start, take a look at this picture. Do you see the miniature missing the limb? I totally overlooked it until I was painting the bases black!

I didn’t see it right away either. When you are looking at this group of minis, it is easy to miss the broken one. The one missing a limb is the second miniature from the left in the front row. It is missing a leg. Hard to tell. I know!!!

So, I am stuck with a decision. What do I do? I have a bits box and a part that I could use as a replacement, but then I would have to paint it to match the group. I don’t know the color recipe and I am not the original painter, so I decided to try to hide the issue instead.

So, how am I going to hide this? Well, The Army Painter is coming to the Rescue.

The Army Painter Glistening Blood Effect to the Rescue!!!

I looked around my hobby station and remembered how useful I found The Army Painter’s Glistening Blood Effect. In fact, I go over how to use it in this tutorial about how to paint up Wild West Exodus Miniatures from the new two player starter set.

Using The Army Painter Glistening Blood Effects to fix up modeling mistakes
This Glistening Blood Effect Paint is great for hiding imperfections in your miniature paint jobs. If it bleeds or sprays blood, you can use this to cover your small blemishes on a miniature and end up with a great looking mini.

Instead of dabbing or splotching on this paint, I just painted it on heavily where the miniature is missing its limb. I figured, that the leg must have been blown straight off, so there should be lots of blood.

Do Aliens bleed red? I am not sure, but this one does!

As a note, you shake this paint lightly before you use it. Do not shake the daylights out of it like you would other Army Painter paints.

The Mini After The Army Painter Glistening Blood Effects

After I applied The Army Painter Blood Effect onto the miniature, here is how it looked. Again, I just generously painted it onto the stub of the missing limb and the static grass all around that area.

An Alien Miniature from Wild West Exodus. Great sculpts for Gray Aliens no matter what game you play.
You can see part of the missing limb here and a lot of the blood on the ground trailing behind the mini.
Fixing a missing part on a miniature by hiding it with The Army Painter Blood Effect
He is super determined to carry on the way that he is!!!
The overall miniature looks fantastic even though it is missing a limb
When it comes to hiding an issue on my miniatures, The Army Painter Effects paints are often my go to solution.

Considering the options, I think the blood effect is a pretty good solution to my missing limb on this miniature.

The Video Version

Below is the video version of this post. If the embedded video does not work, you can also use this link.

A video version of this post. Give it a quick watch if you want a closer look.

Wrapping it up…

When the miniatures you buy second hand end up having a few issues, creative use of paints is a good way to cover up the problems. I have to say that I am very happy with this quick fix that I came up with using The Army Painter Glistening Blood Effects paint.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, hopefully this post helps you.

Special thanks goes to The Army Painter for sending me these paints to experiment with. If you are interested in the miniatures, they are by Warcradle Studios for their game Wild West Exodus and can be bought easily through their parent company, Wayland Games [Affiliate Link].

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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