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Nikolai Dante Miniatures in Judge Dredd Board Game

This post marks the fourth article looking at the minis in the Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter Board Game. This game by Osprey Games is a blast and contains fairly nice minis for a board game. They even come pre-washed, so they look good right out of the box! This time around, I am showcasing the Nikolai Dante Miniatures in this game. Now, let’s take a closer look at the group.

The Nikolai Dante Gang

The Nikolai Dante Gang is a force to be reckoned with. This group is fast and good at close-quarters combat. In fact, they even have a Demon on their side with the ability to make melee attacks at an extended range. Pretty cool. So, let’s take a look at the members of this group.

Viktor Romanov

Viktor Romanov is the fastest member of the group and he can fly. On the downside, he has absolutely no ranged attacks.

Viktor Romanov miniature - Judge Dredd Helter Skelter - Osprey Games
This one is a neat mini. He is fast, but has no ranged attacks.
Nikolai Dante Gang Miniatures
Some nice details in the wings.

Tsarina Jena Makarov

Jena Makarov excels at helping her allies move around the game board. She is also good at ranged attacks. She has the most long-range attacks in the entire group.

Nikolai Dante Jena Makarov miniature for Judge Dredd Helter Skelter board game
Jena carries a big gun and knows how to use it. She is even better at helping her allies move around the field. A dangerous leader for sure.

Nikolai Dante

While Jena is a natural born leader, Nikolai Dante is the true leader of this group. He carries a sword and a very powerful gun. That gun can make long ranged attacks and up-close powerful attacks too.

Nikolai Dante miniature - Judge Dredd
The leader of the group – Nikolai Dante. A very nice looking model.
Judge Dredd Helter Skelter Board Game Miniatures Review
A look at the back of the model.

Elena Kurakin

Elena Kurakin is Nikolai’s body guard. Personally, I use Elena to hunt down enemy units. She is the best in the group for melee combat.

Elena Kukarin miniature
Carrying two swords, Elena proves very competent in hand to hand battle.
Elena Kurarin Miniature - Judge Dredd Helter Skelter Board Game - Nikolai Dante Gang
The back of the model. She also holds the most defensive cards in the whole group.

Lulu Romanov

Lulu Romanov possesses demonic powers. She can actually use her melee attacks in adjacent spaces as well as the same space as an enemy. Other characters have to be in the same game space to make a melee attack. This gives Lulu a true edge in melee combat.

Lulu Romanov in Osprey Games Judge Dredd Helter Skelter board game - Nikolai Dante miniature
Lulu calls on swarms of demons to make melee attacks on her behalf in adjacent spaces. Deadly.
Nikolai Dante Lulu Romanov miniature
A look at the back of the same mini. It is a nice miniature.

Scale Comparison

As with all of my miniature reviews, I like to add in a scale comparison shot or two. So, let’s see how the minis scale versus others. In today’s post, we compare the minis to a Bolt Action miniature.

Judge Dredd Helter Skelter Miniature Scale Comparison
Left to right… Nikolai Dante, Lulu Romanov, a 28mm Bolt Action miniature by Warlord Games. As you can see, the minis are about 30 to 32mm from toe to top of head.

Wrapping it up…

There you have it. The Nikolai Dante faction is a great faction to take if you like fast moving and hard hitting melee fighters. All of these characters can fight extremely well, but only two of them have ranged attacks. The only group with fewer ranged attacks is the Slaine Family.

Hopefully you enjoyed this look into Nikolai’s gang.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Nikolai Dante Miniatures in Osprey Games Judge Dredd Helter Skelter Board Game
Another look at the whole group. Fast and Furious on the game board they are. 🙂

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