Precision Ice and Snow

One of the things that I absolutely love is checking out new products. A while back, Precision Ice and Snow sent me a number of their products to check out. Now, due to life, a new job and everything else, I have not got to check it out properly yet, but I wanted to share a little bit about the company and what they sent me.


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Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report

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This “A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report” was a year in the coming. Last March I actually gave A Song of Ice and Fire a try and enjoyed the game. Personally, I feel it plays a bit like a large mass combat board game with miniatures, but it is enjoyable. More so than Runewars for sure. So sit back and relax, I hope you enjoy this A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report.


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Oathmark Kingdoms Discussion

Have you been following Oathmark by Osprey Games lately? Lately fans of the game and Osprey have been gearing up for its release, and I am really hoping to see something out in April. Being that Osprey Games has been promoting it so much lately, I figured I would write a quick post on what we know so far about Oathmark Kingdoms.

All of the images in this post are from Osprey Games’ Blog.


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