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Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report

This “A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report” was a year in the coming. Last March I actually gave A Song of Ice and Fire a try and enjoyed the game. Personally, I feel it plays a bit like a large mass combat board game with miniatures, but it is enjoyable. More so than Runewars for sure. So sit back and relax, I hope you enjoy this A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report.

I played A Song of Ice and Fire for my first time at Hotlead 2019. Derek and Lauren Hall ran the A Song of Ice and Fire demo games there as a Husband and Wife team.

Now, let’s get into the Battle Report.

Setting the Table…

When I got to the table I was given the choice of playing as the Lannisters or the Starks. I took the Lannisters.

A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report
Here the pair put together two tables together to run simultaneous demos.

I pulled up to the gaming table on the left and had the army below to work with.

A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game
A closer look at the army I played the demo with.

Some Eye Candy

The miniatures for A Song of Ice and Fire look great. Check out this unit lead by The Mountain on my side of the table.

The Mountain in a Lannister Unit
Check these figures out. They look great on the table!
Stark Archers
Some Stark archers on the other side of the table.

The Battle…

To start, I moved up my forces up aggressively while keeping my cavalry a little back. The idea was that once my main lines got close to the enemy that my cavalry would bust through and start taking out enemies in close coordination to the main force.

A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report
You can see here the start of my plan. Meanwhile, my oppenent has their own idea. Check out the left side of the table. Their Cavalry is charging right in on my forces! Oh, oh!
A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report
My opponents Cavalry charges into my ranks. You can also see that I pushed my Cavalry forward too, but have not yet engaged the enemy.
A Song of Ice and Fire AAR
I form up my ranks and prepare my attack. Likewise, you can see my opponent prepping his forces too.

More Eye Candy…

At this point, I took a few more close up pictures. These are nice miniatures for sure.

Stark 32mm Miniatures
I really like this picture. Here one of the Stark units prepares to engage my forces.
Lannisters vs Starks Battle Report
A unit of Stark Riders crashes into my lines. At this point, the Lannister forces are holding them off well.

Back to the Battle…

The time arrives and I unleash my Cavalry to devastating effect.

Cavalry Charge in A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game
My Cavalry charges into their first target.
A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report
This attack completely wipes out the Stark unit.
A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures game Battle Report
I then follow up that charge with a second.
Battle Report of A Song of Ice and Fire by CMON Games
The second charge also completely wipes out an entire unit. At this point, my gaming hosts are feeling pretty bad for my opponent. That said, my opponent is not down and out yet!
A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report
My opponent responds by doing an about face with one of their units and charge straight into the flank of my mounted unit.
A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report
The Mountains unit charges in on the Stark unit. I’ve been pretty lucky with my die roles to this point, but I like to think skill helped me win!
A Song of Ice and Fire AAR - Lannisters vs Starks
At this time, it is looking really bad for my opponent.

Some More Game of Throne Miniatures Eye Candy

Lannister Captain Miniature Painted
A Lannister Captain leads a unit of crossbowmen.
Lannister Crossbow men painted miniatures
Some of the Crossbowmen.

Back to the Ice and Fire Battle Report

At this point, things seem really in the Lannisters’ favour. A group of Lannister Spearmen make advances towards some Stark Infantry. The Starks outmaneuver the Lannisters and hit them on their flank.

A Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report - Lannisters vs Starks
The Lannister Spearmen Infantry get hit on their flank. Notice that the Lannister Cavalry withdrew in hopes to heal or avoid further injury. They are just out of the fame of this shot on the right.
A Game of Thrones Miniatures Game - A song of ice and fire aar - Battle Report
A look at the full battlefield. Both sides each have three units left at this point.

The Mountain’s unit takes out the Dire Wolf. The Starks’ mounted unit then takes out what is left of the Mountain’s men. In desperation, I rush my Cavalry into the Full strength unit of Stark Infantry. The Cavalry hits hard!

Lannister Cavalry Charge into Stark Soldiers
The Lannisters’ hit hard!

The Lannister’s strike back and below is the final picture of the game. You can see that the Lannisters are in slightly better shape, but I am not so sure that they would win if they continued.

Song of Ice and Fire Battle Report - CMON Games - Lannister Vs Stark
Here we have the final scene of the battle. You can see each side has just two units left. The Game Master gave the slight edge and win to the Lannisters, but I am not so sure about that judgement. Those Stark Outriders were a nightmare to deal with!

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this battle report of the first time that I played A Song of Ice and Fire. Overall, I really enjoyed the game, and find that it has a board game type feel.

Again, I played this at Hotlead 2019 at one of the participation game tables. The event runs again this year March 20 to 22 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. I will be there.

For more Hotlead 2019 articles, be sure to check out my Article Round Up Page for the event.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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