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One of the things that I absolutely love is checking out new products. A while back, Precision Ice and Snow sent me a number of their products to check out. Now, due to life, a new job and everything else, I have not got to check it out properly yet, but I wanted to share a little bit about the company and what they sent me.

Precision Ice and Snow manufactures and sells basing materials for snow effects. This makes them perfect for anyone wanting to do bases for Frostgrave or other winter set games. Before writing this post, I asked Precision Ice and Snow if I could use the images from their website in this post. All of the model shots below are from there and used with their permission.

Now, let’s look at what some other people did with the company’s products.

WW2 Military Diorama by Marcus Neiman
Check out this military diorama by Marcus Neiman. It is absolutely amazing!
An Elf Cleric in a Snow Globe
This person made a diorama in a globe. It is beautiful.
Frostgrave snow basing
Teras Cassidy based up these miniatures for Frostgrave. I love that game!

So, what did they send me?

The Delivery…

The delivery included the following items…

Precision Ice and Snow Instruction Manual
An instruction booklet on how to use the materials. You can download many of the lessons in here as a PDF off of the Precision Ice and Snow Instructions Page.
Ultra Snow for basing miniatures
Ultra Snow for all scales of Miniatures. You can mix this stuff with Silicon to make a very neat effect.
A snow effect for 1:16 to 1:35 models.
Snow effects for Dioramas
Snow effects for 1:220 to 1:35 scale models.
Snow Wash for miniatures
Insta-Sno Ultra. A basing material for miniatures. Even lets you leave footsteps in snow. Cool.
Snow Wash and an adhesive
A wash to add snow to the recesses of your models and some adhesive.

There are some cool things here that I have to test out on my Frostgrave miniatures. I am also going to give some of these materials to the painters that help with this site to see what they can do with the products.

Since the delivery, Percision Ice and Snow started selling a special sieve that you can use for basing your miniatures too. It is handy that you can buy all that you need to do the basing from one place.

Wrapping it up…

A special thank you goes out to Precision Ice and Snow for providing Must Contain Minis with these products.

Have any of you used these products yet? If so, please let us know what you thought of them in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!