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In my last post, I talked about the advantages of Blogger over WordPress and why I started this website on that Platform. Today, I am nearly complete in my website migration to WordPress.

Blogger to WordPress

Why did I migrate? Because I wanted to see how things are on the WordPress side of the Blogging world. While the migration is going very well, there is still plenty of work to complete.

One thing that I already absolutely love is the magazine layout of this site. I wanted that on Blogger, but was unable to do it without losing advertising opportunities on the right hand bar. That said, I have since learned that you can actually buy themes for Blogger from Third Party Providers where I could of had that layout at a fraction of the cost. Oh, well.

I am also very excited that the links at the top of this site actually generate their listings for me. Go head and check it out by clicking on one of the menu items up top. Try looking at my “Reviews” or “Core Games -> Board Games.” Those menus are created using categories that I have assigned to the posts. How cool is that?! On Blogger, I kept a manual list of my posts which required a lot of effort on my side of things.

Overall, I am very pleased, but yes, this cost me a lot of money compared to what it was to run the site on Blogger.

There is also lots of work left to do with the 280 posts that came with me from Blogger. I have noticed that the text formatting is off in some of the posts and the linking is not optimal on over 2,000 pictures. That means I have a ton of manual work to complete so that this website is looking its best.

Despite needing more work, the framework of this site is pretty much done.

For the mean time, take a look around the site and let me know what you think. I would love to hear what you like and what you miss in the comments section of this post.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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