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Flames of War Showcase: Grenadier Scout Platoon

This post is a quick showcase of my Flames of War Grenadier Scout Platoon. This unit is from Third Edition and I am currently unaware of its state in Fourth Edition. I plan to make the jump to Fourth Edition later in the year.

For those that don’t collect Flames of War miniatures, these WW2 miniatures are in 15mm.

15mm Grenadier Scout Platoon
The Grenadier Scout Platoon.

The Grenadier Scout Platoon

This small unit is one that I really enjoyed bringing to the game. They are not as powerful as a full Grenadier squad, but they are low points, can assault and the leader can even be equipped with anti-tank grenades or a Panzerfaust. While they give you another assaulting platoon, their real is that they can move well undercover, get a recon move at the top of the game and can lift cover on targets that have gone to ground.

In the images above, you may notice that I have two commanders. Those are options – I take one or the other. One is armed with rifles and the other with SMGs and a Panzerfaust. By having two commanders, I can pick and choose the armament of the Command team. The rest of the squad is armed simply with rifles.

The Miniatures

I used mostly the plastic miniatures from the 3rd Edition Open Fire Box set for Flames of War to build this squad. Battlefront made the best value starter set that I ever bought with that one!

Some of the command models are from a metal blister pack though.

Now let’s take a closer look at the miniatures in this platoon. Below are the two command teams.

German Grenadier Scout Platoon Command Team
The Command Team of my late war German Grenadier Scout Platoon.
Flames of War Command Team Stand
A look at the other side of the command stand. Notice the Panzerfaust.
German Grenadier Scout Platoon Commander
This is the second command stand for this platoon (to use as an option when I want to save points). This stand is armed with only rifles.

And now for the rest of the German Scout Platoon for Flames of War.

15mm Grenadier Scout

Grenadier Scout Stand for 15mm WW2 Gaming

Grenadier Recon Unit for Flames of War

Grenadier Rifles Teams


Back when I played the Third Edition of Flames of War, I really enjoyed using this Platoon of miniatures. They were a “fluffy” unit to bring to the table for my massive infantry army of Grenadiers. While this unit was never my star unit, they certainly added some interesting options that a Grenadier force would otherwise not have. Let’s face it, the Grenadiers in Third Edition didn’t have a lot of recon options. Taking these guys made the enemy more susceptible to my gun lines.

Sometime over the next year, I plan to make the move to Fourth Edition and give it a try with some of my friends.

An Advancing unit of Grenadier Scouts - Flames of War

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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If you are wondering what the background was in the pictures of this post, all pictures were taken using a Cigar Box Battle Mat as a backdrop.