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Mantic Games Skeletons – Extras

This post is a quick showcase piece for the extras that come with Mantic Games Skeletons. At Ragnarok 2019, I figured that I might as well redo showcase photos of these miniatures. They first appeared on Must Contain Minis back in June of 2016. Now that it is 2019, they deserve some better pictures.

I picked these specific miniatures up as part of the Frostgrave Undead Encounters Set. Sadly, these are miniatures that I owned before, sold and ended up buying new copies of the models when I got into a new game. It happens. The original ones I owned came in Mantic Games Skeleton Regiment for Kings of War.

Let’s take a closer look starting with the Skeleton Dog.

Skeleton Dog by Mantic Games

Again, this miniature comes as part of the Mantic Games Skeleton Regiment. It also comes as part of the Frostgrave Undead Encounters Set. I would consider this dog an ‘extra’ from the kit and it looks pretty cool!

Mantic Games Skeleton Dog
The model is small, but it looks great. I added a base as it came as an ‘extra’ figure in the miniature collection.
28mm Skeleton Dog miniature by Mantic Games
I play this dog as a regular skeleton in Frostgrave.

As you can guess, this was extremely easy to paint. The base coat is an off (or antique) white with a bronze collar. I then washed the model with a strong ink. The base is done with a base color of blue and a strong dry-brushing of white over top. It’s a nice looking model and basically comes as a ‘free’ miniature in Mantic Games Skeletons collections.

Skeleton Coming out of the Grave

Another minis that I consider an extra from this collection is a skeleton coming out of a grave. This figure is neat. I also use him as a plain skeleton in Frostgrave.

Skeleton Miniature by Mantic Games
This skeleton is coming back to battle from the grave a second time. 🙂
Skeleton Miniature 28mm painted
The rear side of the miniature.

Improvement in Photography

The shots of these two skeletons I did very quickly while waiting for players to arrive at Ragnarok 2019 (a gaming convention in Waterloo, Ontario). The framing was absolutely horrible and I didn’t do any post work to the photographs. Below is that picture. I have come a very long way since starting this website.

Mantic Games Skeleton Extras
Above is the first picture that I took of these two miniatures on Must Contain Minis. In terms of quality of backdrop, focus and framing, I have come a long way since 2016.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick showcase of the extras in Mantic Games‘ Skeletons Regiment. They are some pretty cool minis.

The terrain on this new table is by XOLK and the battle mat is by Cigar Box Battle. The ruins in the original photo are by PlastCraft Games.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!