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Showcase: British Sherman Platoon (Late War) for Flames of War

This post is a showcase featuring a Platoon of British Sherman Tanks from the Open Fire (Flames of War 3rd Edition) Starter box. This starter box is packed with value and if it is still available from your FLGS, it is worth the price even if 4th Edition is on its way. Personally, I bought two boxes and had more than enough  miniatures to run a full German Grenadier Army and a good start to a British Armoured Company.


4 British Sherman Tanks

These tanks are from the first version of the Open Fire box. Later, Battlefront updated the Box and changed out the Shermans and PaK40s with better looking miniatures.


Flames of War Showcase - British Sherman
The Platoon Commander.
Showcase of painted minaitures
This model looks great.


Flames of War
A Look of the tank driving away.

Some readers may have noticed some funny smudges or areas on this miniature that look like bad weld areas or built up grime. Those areas are actually some of my earliest work with “green stuff.” The original Sherman miniatures in Open Fire did not build up the best. There were gaps in many of my first miniatures and those irregular areas on the tank are from my work sealing up those cracks.

Flames of War
A great looking tank, but if you look closely, you can see some well of those “weld” marks that I modeled onto these tanks.


Flames of War
The tank still looks great though. Open Fire came with a lot of extra stowage that I did not use on the models. This miniature has some of that stowage on it.


Flames of War
Not too bad of details at all and these minis were fairly easy to put together.


Flames of War
Another one of the tanks in the platoon.

The final miniature in this group was the best of the Shermans in the box. It is the British Firefly. This tank had a bigger gun on it than the Sherman IV and Sherman V. This one went together with very few gaps. Again, future boxed sets of Open Fire came with better model Shermans than the ones I painted up here. Regardless, these tanks are quite serviceable.

Flames of War
The Firefly. No matter what German Tank you drive, you do not want to see this 17 pounder gun!


Open Fire Starter Box
A picture from the side.


Flames of War
A great picture of the tank leaving.


A Miniature from Open Fire
A nice shot from the top. Excellent detail.


Having bought two boxes of Open Fire, I own 16 of these tanks (4 Fireflys and 12 Shermans). Of course, 16 Shermans is just not enough so I bought a few more too. 🙂  To end off, I would like to show a picture of the Shermans from the top angle.
Flames of War
A look at the platoon from the top.
One might notice that the middle two are a slightly different green than the other two. The reason for this is because I painted them at different times. The only real difference is that the two on the outside have more shading applied to them than the middle two. Having 16 Open Fire Shermans, the tanks sometimes get mixed up a little. I don’t have any decals or any other identifying features on them. When I painted them, I did them in batches of 4, so somewhere in my collection there should be two regular tanks a little darker and a Firefly and command tank that are a little brighter.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!