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Review: Frostgrave 2017 Calendar

I realize that this review may be a little late as 2017 has started, but I just got my hands on the 2017 Frostgrave Calendar by Osprey Games. This Calendar features fantastic artwork by Dmitry Burmak. For obvious reasons, this quick review will not feature pictures of the inner artwork; however, I will post a picture of the cover.

Frostgrave Calendar 2017
The Cover of the 2017 Frostgrave Calendar. Image taken from Osprey Publishing’s Website.

When I got this Calendar I was excited, but when I opened it up, I was really impressed. Inside are twelve great, full page, pictures that are family friendly and right on key for any Frostgrave fan. There are many pictures here of male and female wizards in various states of battle along with other artwork we are familiar with (such as the cover artwork from the Cultist, Gnolls and Barbarian Boxed Sets).

This artwork is fantastic and looks even better than I expected in calendar format. The images are all clean and crisp and I would feel comfortable giving this Calendar to a child or an adult (boy or girl). The obvious target market for this Calendar is fans of Frostgrave, but this would also make a great gift for people that are interested in Wizards, Fantasy Artwork or Role Playing Games in general.

I highly recommend this product.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!