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Frostgrave: Forgotten Pacts – Secrets Uncovered Battle Report

Today’s Battle Report for Frostgrave is a little bit different than my previous Battle Reports. A while ago, I went and visited Guerrilla Miniature Games and played through the first scenario in Forgotten Pacts against Ash Barker. Ash recorded these games and has posted the first of them to his Youtube Channel. The video for this game is embedded at the end of this post.

Half strength unit for Forgotten Pacts Secrets Uncovered Scenario - Battle Report
For the first two scenarios in Forgotten Pacts, the Warband must be split into two units and only one unit is allowed to participate in each mission. Above is the half of my Necromancer army that I chose to use in the first Scenario. In this group I have a Necromancer, Captain, Marksman, Templar, Treasure Hunter and a Zombie.

Ash and I played through the first scenario in Forgotten Pacts. This scenario consists of three missions all tied together in one mini-campaign. In the first mission, only half the warband may participate. In the second mission, the other half of the warband participates and in the third, the full warband participates.

One thing that I like about this scenario is that gaining experience for killing enemy soldiers has been removed from the mission. Instead, experience is given for recovering treasure, casting spells and killing the “failing wretch” creatures on the board.

Both Ash and I had Warbands that did not focus on attrition and killing the other players units, so it was a very fun game to play. In fact, it was the creatures on the board that got more kills than either player. I hope that everyone enjoys this video…

This was my first time ever on Youtube.Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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