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Oathmark Goblin Rider Preview

One of the many things that I am excited about is the upcoming game, Oathmark. Now, I expected this game to come out earlier, but Osprey Games’ has not yet released it. As such, I figured I would do some digging through my social and news feeds to find an update on this game and what is coming. Most recently, I found preview images of their upcoming Oathmark Goblin Wolf Rider Miniatures. These are plastic figures that you can build for your armies.

I also found the new projected release date for Oathmark – April 2020. The miniatures in this post are slated for release in January of 2020. Hopefully it stays on schedule. Now, let’s take a look at some new preview images.

For those that don’t know, Oathmark is a 28mm Fantasy Battle Game set to come out next year. It is by the same author as Frostgrave and set to be published by Osprey Games. North Star Military Figures makes the miniatures for this upcoming game.

Please note that all of the photograph’s in this post are not my own. They all come from the Oathmark Facebook Page

Oathmark Goblin Rider Preview Pictures

Below are a series of model preview pictures for the upcoming miniatures. To me, they look pretty cool, and they are the way to go if you also bought their Goblin Infantry Miniatures.

Plastic Oathmark Goblin Riders by North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games
A group of five plastic miniatures.
Oathmark Goblin Rider Miniatures
The riders on their own. This figures you assemble from plastic sprues.
28mm Miniature Wolves
The wolves without riders. Looks like you might be able to use this frame as either mounts or as stand alone wolves. Cool! I wonder if that will hold true after North Star Military Figures Releases them. The wolves also come on plastic sprues.
Goblin Rider Heroes
The group above are your Goblin Rider Heroes. They are a little better than your average troops. They are set to come out as metal Goblins on plastic wolves. I like the Goblin Shaman or Wizard.

The Sprues…

When I check out new plastic models, one of the things that I always want to see are the sprues. I found images of those too. Check them out.

Oathmark Plastic Goblins on Wolves 28mm miniature Sprue
The Sprues for the plastic Goblin Riders.
28mm miniature Wolf Sprue
The Sprue for the wolves.

It sounds like each box will come with 15 mounted miniatures.

Assembled Models

The person that runs the Oathmark Facebook Page even posted a picture of some assembled miniatures. That image is below.

Plastic Goblin Rider Miniatures for Oathmark by Osprey Games
Check out those miniatures. They look even better than the renderings.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you liked this quick preview post. I am not sure about you, but I eagerly listen for and share news about Oathmark. I really enjoy Frostgrave, so I am hoping for good things when this game finally releases. Despite the delays in its publication, the wait has allowed North Star Military Figures to get a head start in releasing some really cool plastic armies.

If you want to see more of their models, I have preview posts up of all of their plastic kits to date. I collected all four races (Dwarf, Elf, Goblin and Human) basic infantry figures into one post. I also have a post for the first upgraded Dwarf unit, the Heavy Dwarves.

For more on Oathmark, be sure to check out my post about North Star releasing the rules to the game early. On top of that, the article links together my other Oathmark articles to one place.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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