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Have you Heard of Two Hour Wargames? Free Wargame Rules!!!

Have you heard of Two Hour Wargames? I am not talking about any wargame that lasts two hours, but rather the Company Two Hour Wargames. These guys have been around for a long time and have many rulesets with their unique activation mechanics. Two of these rulesets are even free for you to try out.

Let’s take a closer look.

So Many Rules!

These guys make a number of games including Chain Reaction, Sword Play, Nuts, 5150, All Things Zombie, and many other games. Name a period or genre, and there is a good chance that they have rules for it. This company has been around for a long time too. I was looking through my PC files and I found copies of Chain Reaction 3 and Swordplay for Chain Reaction from back in 2010. That is a long time ago!!!

Free Rules!!!

Come today, and you can get updated versions of these rules, for free on the Two Hour Wargames website. That’s right, free!

More Links

These rules act as an introduction to their gaming system and you can decide if you want to try out their other rules from there. You can get into WW2 with Nuts!, Sci-Fi with 5150, Post Apocalyptical Worlds with All Things Zombie and more. There is more too. They have rules for Napoleonic Battles, Pulp, Vietnam, Fantasy, Ancients, Medieval and Western. There is a lot to check out here if you are interested.

WW2 by Two Hour Wargames
World War 2 wargaming by Two Hour Wargames.

Want to Recreate X-Com on the Tabletop? Two Hour Wargames has a ruleset for that.

Personally, I would love to check these rules out at a convention sometime and I recently got my hands on one of the 5150 rule sets. I still need to read those through yet though. For those who don’t know 5150: Gaea Prime First Defense is a spiritual representation of X-Com on the Tabletop. That concept is extremely cool!!!

X-Com on the tabletop by Two Hour Wargames - miniature wargaming
5150: Gaea Prime First Defense is a spiritual representation of X-Com on the tabletop.

The games by Two Hour Wargames you can generally play solo or in a group. That is a good feature for anyone under lockdown under the current global pandemic. It is also good for the solo wargamer or the player that likes to spend more time at home than going out to meet people over games.

There is a bit of an AI system in how the game flows, but I have not tried it yet. You can play on any size table, but generally a 3′ by 3′ is recommended for their games.

I’ve owned the free rules for a long time and even read through Chain Reaction 3. I am still yet to play, but it looks interesting. The fact that Gaea Prime is a spiritual representation of X-Com really interests me as it was X-Com that I knew of before tabletop gaming. Ever since then, I have been looking for a game that can capture that feeling on the tabletop.

Alternative rules for your Games Workshop Space Marines
Another 5150 title for people looking to play with more Space Marine type of miniatures.

A Quick YouTube Video

Here is a quick YouTube video by Ed the Two Hour Wargames Guy. Here he talks about what seperates their system from other games on the market.

Two Hour Wargames Realistic Turn Sequence

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick post about Two Hour Wargames. My aim was mostly to introduce you to another company and to also point you towards some free rules in case you are interested in more. Thank you for joining me in this post and remember that they have some free rules with a different reaction activation system than most other games that you are used to.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!